In the thousands of books certain to be written about President Donald Trump, the first chapters will almost surely begin with the climax, his last days in office, his refusal to concede electoral defeat and a rally that led to a riot, a Washington, D.C., horror show. It was an attack on the Capitol in which four people died, including a supporter shot by police. To watch the confusion on TV was to be emotionally pulverized.

The event, after all, reached beyond itself, as if it were a dramatization of America’s collapse. Rule of law? No. Attempted rule of anger? Yes. Institutions doing their job without interruption? No. Wild-eyed miscreants interfering? Yes.

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Four years ago, Trump inherited a recovering, growing economy, low unemployment, business expansion, tens of millions of Americans with access to affordable health care for the first time, and a country recognized and respected as the world's strongest superpower.

After four years of Trump, President-elect Biden will be inheriting an economy in tatters with historically high unemployment, a pandemic that through gross federal negligence is now killing 4,000 people a day - the highest rates globally, a faltering chaotic vaccine distribution program, an exploding deficit, debt, and wealth inequality, a country deeply divided where about 1/3 of the population functions as a cult within an alternate reality, and reeling from an administration and political party that amplifies lies to undermine democracy, overturn elections, and incites armed insurrection of the Capitol.

But let's give credit where credit is due! Trump did gift the country with total Democrat control of all three branches of government, so there's that.


classic whataboutism

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