This week, a local news station posted a story about abortion. As you can imagine, Facebook lost its collective mind and the sniping and self-righteous comments began immediately. They were often backed up with the pro-life movement being a reason to vote Republican, or, more specifically, to vote for Donald Trump.

As happens with social media, especially when threads are left unmoderated to descend into the pits of hell, a lot of misinformation was posted over and over again.

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More mindless blather from Hagar...get a life.


I usually do not comment on opinion material because it is just that, opinion. However, Ms Hagar, you do not even realize you are doing the exact thing that you accuse Republicans of doing. You do not agree with them, so you tell them that they need to grow up. You bunch all Republicans in one neat little package and label them all. You are like the little kid who doesn't like the way things are being played, so you grab your toys, insult the heck out of them, and go home. Have you done anything lately to help any of the charities and causes that you mentioned? Have you done anything to reach out to Republicans and talk to them rationally without insulting their intelligence and maturity? That is why there is such a great divide in this country.


Ah, I love the smell of smugness, self-unawareness, and virtue signaling in the morning.

Apparently, only Leftists in general, and Alicia Hager in particular, care about brown children, black children, and our local white children – certainly not people who are so benighted that they support our current President.

Why, they care so much that they support the Government-sanctioned killing of the brothers and sisters of those same brown, black, and local white children by abortions up to and after birth; babies of color are killed at a disproportionately high rate – exactly as the racist founder of Planned Parenthood wanted. (but don’t worry – those 3rd trimester abortions occur far less frequently than other abortions).

Why, they care so much that they supported Barack Obama breaking the law and encouraging children to make the dangerous and often fatal journey thousands of miles to enter our country illegally, preyed upon by rapists and child traffickers, nut they stood silent when Barack Obama threw them into cages at the border.

Why, they care so much they continue to support the soft on crime, soft on criminals Democrat policies in our cities that result in black children being shot and/or murdered in alarming numbers, like the 6 shot in Democrat Chicago last weekend.

Actually, like Ms. Hager, I hear conversations about the upcoming elections, but what I hear is people saying they have voted Democrat their whole lives but now will be voting for President Trump because they abhor the Socialists that the Democrat Party has become and they support the President’s policies on the economy, immigration, abortion, energy, health care, taxes, and foreign policy (including not using our troops as law enforcement among rival tribes and factions). Guess Ms. Hager and I travel in different circles.

I’ve tried to be as good a person as Ms. Hager, but obviously failed – I’m human, after all, but I like to think that the whole world needs people who support the policies of our President, at least as much as it needs more socialists and communists.

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