‘Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

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You need to check the rotation. I believe it's Kamische's turn to have the Editors publish his lies about our President. If you don't keep it straight you'll simply be repeating each others fantasies - Oh wait. . . .

Well, at least your fabrication left all of the racial healing to Obama - but a funeral got in the way of his politicizing.


FYI - There seems to be some confusion about "lies". It's Trump who is the pathological liar, with proven public lies to the American people topping 20,000+ in the past 3.5 years. He's really in lying mode this year as his approval ratings are dropping into the murky swamp he created.


Wow, nothing to do but attack President Trump and Bill Huizinga. You write about this constantly and actually believe you somehow have a fact based stance when it is nothing more than your own opinion. You are a classic narcissist.


Literally every statement in this op-ed piece can be supported with facts, many of them provided by Trump himself (videos, interviews, tweets, etc). As an op-ed piece, this author is not obligated to provide all those facts - for most of us who have actually been following along and keeping up with those facts, we know that the writer is accurate and factual.


What a laugh and the majority of us elected Bill Huizinga to be our Congressman. The radical left never quits whining the same old tune.


Most thinking people understand that it is the Republican right that has gone radical by pushing into the extremist hard right positions of privatizing Social Security, Medicare, public education, the Post Office, and most social net programs, while passing massive tax cuts that benefit the wealthiest among us, and spending hundreds of billions on the military - huge expenditures on outdated equipment that is irrelevant to modern warfare. They want an imperial presidency, a fascist-style government tied in with an oligarchy. At least that's how Trump has conducted his presidency. Oh, and let's not forget a Christian theocracy as a state religion.....they would like nothing more than to tear up the Constitution!


Trump was legally elected and your rant only speaks to how unhinged you really are. Try and get a good night sleep you will fell better. Maybe call your Doctor on Monday and get some Xanex.

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