In a recent column in the Grand Haven Tribune, state Sen. Roger Victory (R-Hudsonville) suggests that the failure of our state’s response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic lies solely at the feet of Gov. Whitmer. He claims that Gov. Whitmer’s “idea of working together seems to be for us to shut up and do whatever she wants.”

Michigan has struggled to manage and contain this community health crisis, but not for the reasons Sen. Victory would have you believe. Gov. Whitmer, on the advice of our nation’s most trusted and experienced health experts, boldly and bravely took action to protect our community’s most vulnerable citizens – our elderly, those with comorbidities and our frontline health care workers. By requiring our communities to reduce high-risk interactions, we saved lives. It might have been your neighbor with asthma, your grandparent in a nursing home, your son or daughter who works in the emergency room. We saved human lives because we made the tough but right choice to stay at home and keep each other safe.

About the writer: Kim Nagy is secretary of the Ottawa County Democratic Party. She lives in Jenison.

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Thank you for your courageous and accurate column. Supporting facts, logic, and democracy is this environment of far-right extremism and Republican radicalism can be dangerous - mockery, insults, lies, and mean-spiritedness may await!

But none of that has the power to stop the imperishable march for truth, accountability, justice, and equality.


Lanivan you are the Queen of mockery, insults, lies and mean spiritedness. You support ANTIFA a violent far left group that was rioting even as Joe Biden took office. Vlad and others have embarrassed you here for years and it is a great laugh for the rest of us.


You poor man. I will be praying for you.

Dr. Vladtheimp

A Loser's Perspective

It might be useful to know that in addition to being Chairperson of the Democrat Party, Miss Nagy ran against Roger Victory in 2016 and got absolutely hosed, getting 25% of the vote to his 75%.

It would also be interesting to know, as a Pedagog does she support the CDC's recommendation that the schools be opened or the arguments of Zhou Bai-Din's Chief of Staff and Democrat Teachers Unions that schools must stay closed.


Whitney closes the State with an illegal executive order and it is the fault of Republicans....go sell crazy somewhere else

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