The recent gubernatorial election in Virginia should capturethe attention of Michigan policymakers. A surprising victory by the Republican candidate was “powered by parents,” according to University of Virginia professor Brad Wilcox and American Enterprise Institute researcher Max Eden.

Parents here are hoping for someone to champion their cause.

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More advancement of right wing cultural wedge issues by the MCPP.

Let's be clear - "Parent Power" is a well-funded right-wing opportunity to sow chaos and divide people, encouraging a vocal minority to act as threatening bullies based on hate and conspiracy.

"Parents absolutely should have the right to tell the schools what to teach" - this is the premise of their argument.

Let's think about this a little deeper. What if?.....Joe is a flat-earther; he wants that to be taught. Susan wants mandatory prayer - but on strict Catholic lines. Betty thinks math isn't important, and shouldn't be taught. My neighborhood group wants all religion rooted out of schools, and the group down the street wants to teach that the Holocaust never happened.

If these parents are suddenly and urgently so very unhappy with what is being taught in public schools, we are blessed here in the US with the options of private schools or homeschooling.

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