“In order for us to heal, in order for us to move past this point, in order to get to a point where we can talk about unity, we have to have accountability for what happened.” – Peter Meijer, freshman Republican congressman from Michigan

There has been a lot of history being made in the past few months. Much of it has been excruciatingly negative. The good news is that there is also history being made that is wonderfully positive.

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Yea, Buddy

Yah, where was the unity & peace the last 4 years? Hmmm? It was Dem's attacking Republicans, tearing down history, how many police were killed / blinded by lasers during the riots? Peace & unity appeared totally absent. Bigots & hypocrites could be a term.... Truth will prevail, it always does.


Democrats do not want unity. They want conformity.


If your definition of 'conformity' is liberty, justice, and equality for all, then yes, they want conformity!


I have to give you credit for being the Democrat's biggest supporter, even if you are misguided. You have never wavered from your strong beliefs over the years. You have no room for debate or compassion. Maybe you should run for office.


Hear! Hear! Mark Smith - I join you in celebrating a return to decency, civility, and sanity in the upper echelons of our government, and hopefully beyond.

While the GOP flails in a warped fashion between the establishment and the Trump cult, crashing and burning as the Party of No, Nothing, and Never, we can move upward and onward towards the future and it's many challenges, secure in the knowledge the Ship of State has jibed and is now heeling into the wind with strength and renewed vigor.

Now if only those Trump cultists could give up their addictions to falsehoods and wackadoodle conspiracies theories, we'd be in the pink! But to each his own!


It’s amazing that Mike Smith continues to make a fool of himself in the Tribune. Democrats control House, Senate and Presidency and all he can do is whine. What an unhappy and pathetic soul. PEACE

Yea, Buddy

Clueless, too. And it was a Left, activist who tossed the brick through the window at white House. Pelosi admitted withholding the stimulus from 10's of millions of Americans since April solely to hurt Trumps reelection What a peach. The Kavanaugh protests stormed the Supreme Court. AOC's protest inside Pelosi office netted 51 arrests. 2018 Women's March occupying the Senate Bld'g. 2020 BLM attempted siege of the White House, many officers arrested. The economic downturn was 2009, under Obama. And his failed $0.75 trillion bank bailout. 100 day Portland Federal Bld'g occupy this summer. $2 billion + in damage from the riots. Remember the 1983 bombing of the White House by Sue Rosenberg? Guess who whined until Bill Clinton pardoned her? And who can forget the "You can keep your Doctor and your premiums won't go up", disaster called the unaffordable Health Care Act. Basically redistribution of wealth. Fine bunch. President Trump was the greatest President in our lifetime, for America.

Dr. Vladtheimp

We all know people who have only a vague, passing relationship with the truth. We know such individuals are not characterized by just one statement – it runs through everything they utter.

Rather than deconstructing all of the flights of fancy in this long screed, which take time I’ll never get back, let’s focus on Saint Stacy Abrams, tax dodger and candidate for of Georgia in 2018:

1. Stacy Abrams lost by over 50,000 votes but has STILL NOT Conceded:

2. Stacy Abrams claimed the election was stolen based on unsupported claims of voter suppression;

3. Stacy Abrams and her supporters filed a lawsuit before the 2018 Georgia election to make voter fraud easier and her layers conned the stupid Republicans to settle the suit in a manner that enabled voter fraud and directly resulted in the mess in Georgia today; 4. After losing, Stacy Abram’s campaign and the GA Democrat Party did indeed file a Federal Class Action Lawsuit “Plaintiff AFG Group, a registered Georgia corporation, d/b/a Stacey Abrams for Governor, and the Democratic Party of Georgia (“Plaintiffs”) file this Complaint for injunctive relief under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and other statutes against Defendant Robyn A. Crittenden, in her official capacity as Secretary of State for the State of Georgia (“Crittenden”),”

They asked for delayed certification of the vote plus a recount plus a search for uncounted votes.

5. Additionally, a lawsuit before the recent run-off to purge voter rolls to comply with the Voting Rights Act was opposed by one of Abrams’ many groups. A Federal Judge sided with Abrams’ group. The Judge is Stacy Abrams sister (appointed by Obama, naturally); apparently conflicts of interest and payment of taxes don’t impact the Abrams clan . . . .

If this sounds even remotely like Mr. Smith’s paean to Abrams, believe everything he writes. Otherwise, read it as The Babylon Bee without the satire.


Just out of curiosity, between you and me,.....are you Q??


Just be adult enough to to spell out what word you are suggesting


Cmon Lanivan what did you mean by Q? Let’s hear it


Mike Smith you are a sick man...PEACE

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