I don’t know about you, but I have been tremendously disheartened by the discourse during this time of pandemic and Stay Home orders.

In other times of national disaster and tragedy, people came together to make sacrifices to protect the greater good of the community. Families sent their young women and men off to war, knowing the likelihood that they may not return. People went without some necessities so that they could be used in the production necessary to turn the tide of battle. People gave sacrificially to those impacted by the disaster, trying to lift up those whose lives have been upended.

About the writer: The Rev. Dr. Jared C. Cramer, Tribune community columnist, serves as rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Grand Haven. Information about his parish can be found at www.sjegh.com.

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Jared Cramer the frustrated liberal politician masquerading as a Priest. He will tell us about political leadership, disease control and how to run our lives. And to top it off, instead of helping the people of Grand Haven, he helps the Hispanic community of Holland and gives himself a big pat on the back. What a guy.

Dr. Vladtheimp

The Virtue Signaler In Chief Once again, the Jiminy Cricket of Grand Haven applies his formula to scold everyone who might disagree with him: choose a current issue; put the most Leftist, Anti-American spin to it; make up stuff with which to bash President Trump and his supporters; support illegal immigration; and remind us of how he is more compassionate, more virtuous, more intelligent, and generally a better citizen than his neighbors. The formula was old a year ago – now it is shopworn and boring.

What a hypocrite! His normal riff is that we need to improve upon the past – that we need to view things differently, and in a more ‘progressive’ framework. Now it suits him to berate us for not being more like our parents and grandparents.

In World War II everyone knew the enemy who had caused suffering and crushed freedom and liberty – the Germans, the National Socialists Now Jiminy doesn’t even mention Communist China, which released this plague on the entire world.

In prior generations the government quarantined the sick and diseased, not the healthy. It encouraged businesses to work overtime, and to hire women to replace the men at war; now Democrats shut down businesses and deprive female employees and business owners of their livelihood.

Yes, in prior generations people sacrificed and went without necessities – the Pelosis and Schumers, Cuomos, Pritzgers, Newsomes and Whitmers did not extort money from their fellow citizens to feather the nests of their voters and cronies.

And pardon me for thinking that we need to take care of our fellow citizens rather than people in the country illegally, who are not entitled to drain funds from the social safety nets taxpayers provide for the benefit of their fellow citizens.

For Jiminy to have the gall to say “it is a time to hold leaders accountable for the decisions they are making” simply shows how out of touch he is. The Democrat Governors and their predecessors named above have mismanaged the fiscal affairs of their States for decades, but now attempt to extort trillions of dollars to take advantage of “the most dangerous pandemic the world has seen in a century.”

All of Jiminy’s statistics simply cloak the undeniable fact that we are destroying our economy (and our ability to pay for all of his cherished social welfare programs) for the benefit of 5 Democrat States – New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – where over ½ of all U.S. deaths occur. Drilling down further, the concentration is in the counties surrounding 4 Democrat cities – New York, Boston, Detroit and Philadelphia. Drill down further and look at State regulated and inspected nursing homes and senior care facilities (and why isn’t Whitmer giving us the statistics on Michigan facilities?) And Jiminy can ‘t understand the anger of the rest of the country?

We should not bail out the States; if those and other cities require additional Federal money, they should have to agree to be controlled by a Presidentially appointed Financial Manager with budgetary control like the poorly administered cities in Michigan.

Stay safe everyone, and be thankful most of us are only exposed to Jiminy’s arrogance and virtue signaling once every couple of weeks.

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