Should Trump be impeached? In a word, no! (Although I do support the impeachment inquiry to give us more facts).

I do not want Congress to take away from me and other Americans our votes in November 2020 as to whether Trump should remain in office for another term or be removed.

In looking at the Trump administration, I feel like Howard Beale in the movie “Network,” who cried out on his news broadcasts, “I’m mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore.” So what am I and so many others mad about? I only have space to discuss my chief points of contention.

(1) The Trump administration, with an enabling Congress, is piling up deficits at record levels. Our deficits are approaching a trillion dollars per year, adding to an already dangerous level of national debt, now over $22 trillion. This is generational theft. The GOP used to care about debt. No more. And during the Democrat Party debates, deficits and debt were never raised as an issue. Amazing!

(2) Trump after his green-light phone call to Turkey has helped to unleash a human tragedy inflicted upon our allies, the Kurds. They fought alongside our troops against ISIS. They lost 11,000 soldiers. The Kurds also guard over 10,000 ISIS warriors, some of whom have already escaped. Trump thinks they will only inflict harm on Europe, as if that justifies his actions. Guess who these ISIS warriors would really like to target? You and me!

From here on out, the red in the MAGA hat symbolizes for me the blood of the Kurds, men, women and children. The removal of our soldiers and air support from the border of Turkey and Syria was the green light Turkey was looking for. Without our exit, Turkey would have not dared to take on our solders and planes.

Trump has properties in Istanbul. Do you think that entered into his decision? I hope not.

(3) Trump lies to the American people. Some news outlets have shown that he has done this over 10,000 times.

(4) Trump lied to his three wives, cheating on all three. Yet he has proclaimed that he has never had to ask God for forgiveness! White Christian evangelicals still love him in spite of his adultery. Jesus commanded us not to commit adultery. Incredible to me, this commandment and its transgression by Trump have had no effect upon this wing of the Christian church.

(5) Trump has profited from his presidency in terms of his businesses. His hotel near the White House has been a cash cow to the Trump enterprise because those seeking influence in the White House stay there.

(6) Trump has made racist remarks at his rallies, and at one before he was elected he mocked a physically disabled reporter. Guess who pays for his flights to these rallies and his golf outings at his properties? We the taxpayers! And yet he criticized Obama for the number of days he played golf.

(7) Trump owes thousands of dollars to cities in many states for the security detail to protect him at his rallies. He certainly is the king of debt.

(8) It appears that Trump abused his power in Ukraine in the attempt both to have that country dig up dirt on the Bidens and investigate whether Ukraine tried to influence the 2016 election rather than the Russians. The issue here is whether our military aid to Ukraine was held up until Trump’s request for “a favor” was agreed to by Ukraine; the favor, supposedly, being these investigations. This dispute, whether there was a quid pro quo, is the razor’s edge of the impeachment investigation.

The Constitution’s focus on impeachment has to do with a president’s opening the door to foreign influence in our government’s business and elections.

By the way, I think Hunter Biden used poor judgment to line his pockets by receiving $50,000 a month from a gas company in Ukraine. But aren’t Trump’s kids also using their names to line their own pockets? Such windfalls may not be illegal, but they are certainly part of the Washington swamp.

(9) Trump’s campaign to discredit both the CIA and FBI is very dangerous in light of the violent world we live in. The attorney general and the secretary of state are doing a great job themselves of discrediting their respective branches of our government. Distrust of our institutions – always part of our society – is becoming worse under Trump. He refused to believe the CIA and FBI when they showed how the Russians impacted the 2016 election. Many of his followers now also doubt the integrity of these institutions, which is a sad legacy of the last three years.

(10) Trump’s profanity at his rallies is an embarrassment to his office. He is hardly a role model for my daughters and my grandchildren. He is not trustworthy, in my view, and he lacks compassion and sympathy, not to speak of human decency.

(11) He has weakened the Affordable Care Act, while not offering his own health care plan. People with pre-existing conditions are very nervous. He also has made no real attempt to reduce drug prices.

(12) Trump has weakened protections of our environment. He denies climate change and any human contribution to it. This is also generational robbery

(13) He calls our free press the enemy of the people and calls most TV news “fake news.” He mostly watches Fox News, but even calls that network fake news if someone there criticizes him.

(14) My last point is the awful and cruel way his administration has treated immigrants and their children, most of whom are seeking safety from brutal governments south of our border. Few Americans are in favor of open borders, but most of us would like to have those seeking asylum be treated with human kindness.

If the House votes to impeach Trump and if the Senate tries and convicts him, which means removal from office, then we get President Pence, which in my view would be a disaster because of his religious views on such issues as the rights of women and gay people, and his silence about deficits and national debt.

So, I hope Congress investigates, giving the American people hard facts, but then lets the voters evaluate those facts and make the final decision in November 2020 on whether President Trump remains our president. Trump’s supporters also have a right to support him through the ballot box.

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Thanks for confirming that you are the stuck on ignorant nincompoop I’ve called you out to be, Lanivan. I don’t watch Fox News or listen to Rush or Laura. I get my facts outside the leftist echo chamber in which you snuggly reside. The “facts” you get inside that cozy place aren’t based in reality. They are based in how you leftists “feelz”. I’m kind of surprised you didn’t come out and call me a “Russian asset” in your diatribes. Those 36-48 Republicans sitting on the committees in this sham investigation aren’t allowed to ask certain questions because the head clown of this circus, Schiff, won’t allow it. A thorough investigation would allow the opposing party to properly cross-examine the witnesses and to call some their own. This is not being allowed. Your “top-grade whistleblowers” are nothing more than dem operatives and activists that will be exposed as such by the Republicans when they have to testify in public. When this clown show does go public, America will really get to see what is going on, not the selectively leaked morsels the Schiff allows now. It won’t matter to the dems that they haven’t presented any credible evidence of any crimes, the House will vote to impeach pretty much along party lines anyway. This has been their ambition since Nov. 8, 2016 when Trump committed the “high crime” of beating Hillary Clinton in the election. It will then go to trial in the Senate in probably the May-June 2020 time-frame. There will be an approximate 6-week trial that will take Sanders, Warren, Booker, Harris, and other dem senators who are running but have no chance of the nomination, off the campaign trail for that length of time in the lead-up to the 2020 election. At the end of it all, the Senate will not have 67 votes to convict and Trump will not be forced from office early. The independent voters of America will see that the dems have wasted the country’s time with this sham instead of actually legislating and getting something done and will help re-elect President Trump. It doesn’t hurt Trump’s chances that there is really no electable dem candidate running against him. The dems will also lose the House. It will be immensely pleasurable for me to see your histrionics on display again next year after that occurs. It was a hoot in 2016 to see you melt down like you did. Thanks for playing.


You make the case for impeachment BUT argue for senators to look the other way and not take their oath of protecting our nation seriously. It is the responsibility of Congress to hold the executive branch accountable. Anything less means that the president can do whatever he/she desires for four years once elected.


The points you make, Rev Idema, are all certainly valid and relevant. But you miss the primary point (imo), and that is - the House has no choice but to begin impeachment proceedings, regardless of where it ends up. This president, easily the most corrupt, criminal, obstructive, racist and outright mentally unhinged in US history, has laid down the gauntlet - He, and he alone, as president, is above the law. As a country of constitutional laws, this can not be allowed. To my mind, there are many reasons why Trump must be formally and publicly investigated - which impeachment allows, as you point out, but the primary reason is that this is a country built on democratic ideals, not a dictatorship. No person is above the law. As such, the House has no choice but to fulfill their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution.


You are barking at the wind no one cares


I couldn't disagree more. Rev Idema speaks for many millions who are eager to show their complete disgust for this president via the voting booth. What is of great concern are this president's many comments already setting the stage of an "illegitimate election", "fake results", not leaving the White House. I think many people care that it might take forceful action to remove him, regardless of a landslide victory for the Democrat nominee.


Folks, this is what mental illness looks like. This is total delusion from an ignorant nincompoop. Lanivan, please get some help. Clearly, you are not well.


Interesting how the failing far right Trumpteas, in response to the mounting evidence of consistent corruption and betrayal of the country and the Constitution by their cult leader, are compelled to resort to personal attacks that have no basis in reality. Trump has sold out America to the Russian oligarchs and Middle Eastern oligarchs, yet still they operate under the illusion that he actually gives two figs about them and our country. Very lame, T-Bird, very lame, indeed.


He won't be impeached Henry. The whole thing is bogus, wasting time and money.


Oh Edwards, I think the nincompoop dems in the House will impeach Trump. He just won't be convicted by the Senate and removed. And the Senate trial will cast a lot of sunshine on the dems' nefarious ways. It will blow up right in their faces.Serves them right!


It remains to be seen if the Senate Republicans vote to impeach. After Trump's dirty work is revealed via the investigation, and his disapproval numbers move upwards, as they slowly are, and Republicans, desperate to not go down with the ship, just might do the patriotic thing and vote for the good of the country and all Americans, and not just for their wealthy donors, Putin, and their bank accounts.


I am very skeptical that there will be a Senate conviction and removal of the President despite any disapproval numbers that may or may not be accurate. The investigation by the House Democrats is a sham. That's why it is being held in secrecy, so the American people can't discern for themselves whether or not any crimes were committed. Schiff knows he has no case to present and that would be exposed if hearings were held in the open. Better to hide it and leak favorable details to the public to shape the Democrats' narrative. They know weapons-grade ignorant nincompoops like you Lanivan will buy it unconditionally. I see they aren't wrong in that strategy.


The House couldn't be more serious in carrying out their constitutional duty and to honor their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution, unlike their Republican counterparts who are apparently so beholden to powerful foreign oligarchs and dictators they are too weak and compromised to actually stand up to tyranny. It is most certainly no sham; there are no less than 7 top-grade whistleblowers who have already or have indicated they will come forward with their testimony that Trump set out to extort Ukraine by withholding already appropriated military aid unless Ukraine "found" dirt on a political opponent, for whom there isn't any dirt to be found, but don't let that stop them! That's an impeachable offense (just one of many). These private interviews have been open to at least 36-48 Republicans who sit on various committees. Now that the House has chosen to formally vote on impeachment proceedings (not mandatory), this thing will go public. Stock up on popcorn and beer. And by the way, T-Bird - take my advice and get the facts before going out on the FOX/Rush/Laura limb and looking like...well, like a nincompoop!


Ah there you are.Greetings and a java clink to your good health.I hope all is well.


Doing better after seeing your post. Sure miss you and our Barry....all is well (sorta) at this end, and hopefully you are staying out of trouble, as best you can. V8 juice clink to you, my friend.

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