There was a time in America, unknown or not experienced by people under the age of 50, when politics was a contact sport played with mostly accepted rules and the equivalent of “sportsmanship.” Losers would graciously concede and wish the victor well, in most cases vowing to work with him or her for the good of the country. The public expected it.

Somewhere around the time of the Vietnam War and Watergate, it started to become ugly and instead of sportsmanship the “players” began to engage in mutually assured destruction, to borrow a term used during the Cold War when the United States and Soviet Union had missiles aimed at each other’s countries. It was appropriately abbreviated M.A.D.

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Why so much anger?

• Which party has glorified guns and the second amendment?

• Which party has been putting out racist dog whistles?

• Which party has declared war on government and the social safety net?

• Which party has militarized the police with military-grade weapons and vehicles?

• Which party did nothing when heavily-armed protestors swarmed a state capitol?

• Which party lied us into a war and keeps crashing the economy while the rich get richer and people lose their jobs?

• Which party is demonizing the free press and condoning violence against reporters?

• Which party let a pandemic rage unchecked and has given up trying to deal with it?

• Which party is looting the country with tax cuts for the rich and deregulation for giant corporations?

• Which party opened the floodgates for dark money?

• Which party refuses to secure our elections and is trying to suppress voting?


Lanivan..have you ever heard the saying if you find yourself in a hole stop digging.


A few corrections: The rioting that has captured our attention is primarily conducted by White Supremacist/White Nationalist/Militia/Trump supporters, according to reports and investigations. The hate they portray is condoned, permitted, encouraged, and supported by their president, Trump. No president in modern US history has shown himself to be so filled with hate, vengeance, contempt, entitlement, and victimhood as this bully/racist in the White House. The rioting is a culmination and expression of that hate. The peaceful protesting is a response to systemic racial inequality and injustice, and police brutality. The conflating of the two to justify the hate in our society is pure propaganda. It's quite simple - as this president rants, tweets, and spews insults and contempt for Americans and American institutions, daily over years; as he weaponizes and politicizes the Rights of Americans, be it voting rights, civil rights, women's reproductive rights to choose, 1st Amendment rights, and defiles the Constitution and Rule of Law on a regular basis, then yes - people have had enough, and are fighting back. The best and really only way to heal this nation is to vote for leadership who have a mission to put an end to the divisiveness and hate - Biden/Harris 2020.


You have outdid yourself this time saying the rioting is part of the white supremacist groups. There is nothing else to say, your outlandish words out you as the lunatic you are. You need counseling.


"Members of a shadowy movement known as the Boogaloo Boys have been implicated in a series of violent protests and the distribution of misinformation regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus and in violent racial protests in a number of cities in the U.S." "Three men with military backgrounds have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to instigate violence at the Las Vegas protests against the death of George Floyd.

According to authorities, Andrew Lynam Jr., 23, Stephen Parshall, 35, and William Loomis, 40, all met at an anti-lockdown protest in April and self-identified as “boogaloo” boys, a term used to describe those calling for a violent civil conflict." "Fights broke out in multiple states Saturday in clashes involving a variety of groups, including the far-right Proud Boys, counter-protesters supporting Black Lives Matter and police officers in riot gear.

The multiple instances of tensions between opposing factions was a departure from the typically peaceful protests against racial inequality that have occurred in recent weekends. But the conflicts reported as of Saturday afternoon have been limited to scattered fights.

In Michigan, a planned rally by the alt-right, male-only Proud Boys met with counter protesters, leading to escalating tensions and arrests in Kalamazoo."


You are a clueless dupe, Lanivan. You really should really stop posting and showing everyone how little you know. It's embarrassing.I hope you can get some help with your mental illness also. I'll be praying for you.

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