Think you’ll be better off if Congress outlaws your private health coverage and puts you on a new government-run health plan called “Medicare for All”?

Over half of House Democrats and 14 senators, including Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) say you will. They promise this massive change and disruption is worth it because most will save money.

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Medicare for all, increase the minimum wage, forgive student loans, reparations for blacks, guaranteed basic income and there are not enough billionaires in this country to pay for it. There are only about 826 billionaires in the US so it’s the average working person who will have to pay. That is the big detail they all leave out.


Mathematically an impossible solution. The politicians pushing this first of all already get free health insurance, Secondly, most are multi millionaires any can easily ride out any financial strain that would effect the average middle class worker. So they could care less on how this would adversely affect our economy. I truly don't think most of them actually think the plan will work in the first place. Besides, Bernie thinks we only have now 8-9 years left anyway, utter insanity.

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