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And I thought Stewart had a severe case of TDS. Dr. Ivo is completely shot with this diatribe he's put forth. The only crime Trump has committed was his winning the 2016 Presidential election. This is something that Dr. Ivo and the rest of his ilk can not come to grips with. When the Senate votes to acquit the President on both articles, we'll need to have loved ones check in with Dr. Ivo, Stewart, and others to assure their continued well-being. It could be too much for them. If that doesn't do them in, I'm sure Trump's re-election in November definitely will.

And kudos to Vlad for his usual excellent synopsis of the current goings-on. Thank you, sir.


One would think that Ivo would be a little more independent in his opinions, instead of simply repeating the deranged Democratic left talking points. He also probably should pay attention to what is actually an impeachable offense. Neither of the charges submitted to the Senate qualify. Looking forward to 4 more years under the Trump administration.


Ukraine, Russia, Trump, Putin

Although it is a fool’s game to defend the history of Brandon Hall, it’s hard not to note that Ivo Soljan’s arguments are the flip side of Hall’s – intellectually he’s the Brandon Hall of the professorial class

It’s clear that Mr. Soljan has absolutely no respect for Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Adam Schiff or Jerrold Nadler. How else to explain his declarative assertion that President Trump “has committed many highly impeachable offenses, such as the abuse of power, for his personal gain, bribe and blackmail, high crimes and misdemeanors, and, finally, the huge obstruction of justice, by lying, forbidding the key witnesses to testify, and hiding the incriminating documents” in the face of House Democrats coming up with only two charges: (1) abuse of power, and (2) obstruction of Congress? Maybe his assertions are both false and unsustainable - a lie is a lie, no matter who provides the fabrication.

More to the point, as noted liberal Law Professor Johnathan Turley has stated, based on these amorphous charges any living President of the United States could be impeached. This applies especially to Barack Obama, who refused to permit his Attorney General Eric Holder to testify before Congress subject to a valid Congressional subpoena or to provide documentation in response to the subpoena. As it happens, that was a valid exercise of the President’s Executive Privilege as was President Trump’s but haters got to hate.

These sham proceedings, media circuses, and show trials will undoubtedly play well in the Faculty Lounge but in late November Leftists will still be consoling themselves that only the stupidity of the hoi polloi, their intellectual inferiors, can explain how that oaf from Queens could have beaten their Socialist champions once again. In Support Of Tax Funded Religions

This is rich on many levels, coming from the head of the local Democrat Party.

Forget the sideshow of one Leftist judge in Maryland assuming the authority to enjoin the President of the United States exercising his Constitutional authority – we’ve seen that movie before – the President bring the case to the Appellate level, which slaps down the lone judge, or brings the case to the Supreme Court, which slaps down both inferior courts.

No, the real humor is the Democrat Party, the party of hostility to religion at worst, or supporter of strict separation of Church and State at best, demanding that religious organizations that support open borders decide where to place refugees without regard to the wishes of the citizens of the localities or to the impacts refugees will have on housing, schools and taxes. These voluntary religious organizations (Volags) are primarily funded by federal tax dollars (Separation of Church and State?) freeing up church dollars to be used for religious purposes.

Example – Church World Service

Contributions and Grants: $93,044,199 Government grants (contributions): $68,448,159 (73.6 percent) Compensation: Rev. John L. McCullough, president and CEO: Reportable Compensation from the organization: $268,350 Estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations: $77,016 Total: $345,366

Example: Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

Contributions and Grants: $93,044,199 Government grants (contributions): $68,448,159 (73.6 percent) Compensation: Linda Hartke, ex officio director, president, and CEO. Reportable Compensation from the organization: $293,066 Estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations: $34,810 Total: $327,876

The Cherry on top is that the head of the Democrat Party cites Bethany Services as a worthwhile organization. Uh, its real name is Bethany Christian Services; it is closely tied to the family of Betsy DeVos, and it refuses to place foster children in LBGTQ+ homes for religious reasons.

Well played Kim, well played. And the next time Democrats are tempted to bash religion or the use of tax dollars for religious schools – Just Shut Up!

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