President Joe Biden was nowhere to be seen in the first 48 hours after his administration’s record was tainted, probably permanently, by the catastrophic intelligence failure that handed victory to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

His decision to break away from his Camp David vacation and finally speak to the nation Monday afternoon was a disappointing attempt at damage repair for a withdrawal debacle that has bruised the national ego and shredded America’s image abroad.

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The conclusions in this op-ed piece are a little outdated. While desperately attempting and hoping to make this a Biden crisis, it glosses over the following:

The Biden administration, as of 8/25, had airlifted 82,3000 American citizens and SIV allies out of the country in the last 11 days, including 19,000 yesterday alone, making it nearly the largest airlift in US history. And without a single American death thus far. President Biden is honoring the 70% of Americans who want to be done with this 20-year war and to get our soldiers and civilians back home.

Trump set the scene for a messy and deadly evacuation a year ago when he negotiated with the Taliban, ignored the Afghan government, set a date a year into the future thus giving the Taliban ample time to plan, and negotiated the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners into the fray.

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