The pictures we saw on Facebook appalled and embarrassed us.

They were photos of Grand Haven on a nice spring day. A large crowd lined the Harbor Drive sidewalk to pony up a couple of bucks for a hot dog on a stick.


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Where is the proven science that dictates this 6 foot rule will reduce the spread of the virus? And by whom and when will this arbitrary rule end? Actually NYC states that 66% of cases there evolved indoors. I would submit that much of what we hear isn't necessarily based on fact, rather guess work/hypothesis based on medical data from prediction models that have been inaccurate from the start.Yet another lecture which only accomplishes fear instead of critical thinking and common sense.


Blaming The Victims

I am appalled and embarrassed that a group of privileged partisans masquerading as local ‘journalists’ attack their neighbors instead of the tyrannical government that placed them in this position.

It must be fun to be considered ‘essential workers’ and to be paid for scribbling tripe while attacking forcibly unemployed workers, bankrupted business owners, friends and neighbors who simply took advantage of a nice Spring day and the lakeshore that we are fortunate enough to live by.

I’m embarrassed that the Tribune chooses to excoriate their neighbors rather than the arbitrary, capricious, and likely unconstitutional ‘orders’ issued by the execrable Wretchen Whitmer in her personal quest to become Joey Fingers’ running mate.

I’m appalled that the Tribune doesn’t know that the ‘experts’ they blindly follow have been completely wrong or simply lied to us. Remember 2 million deaths from the Wuhan Flu? Remember the Surgeon General telling us that masks wouldn’t protect us from the virus? Remember the only reason for these drastic measures was to flatten the curve so our medical system wouldn’t be overwhelmed? And now people can’t gather at the lakeshore without distancing and masks in the great outdoors?

I’m stunned that the Tribune doesn’t cite Wretchen’s statistics on the hospitals and ICU’s in West Michigan being in danger of being overwhelmed without strict obedience to her commands. That the Tribune doesn’t cite the peer-reviewed clinical studies that support a 6 foot distance will protect us from the Chinese virus; the peer-reviewed clinical studies that support throwing on a homemade cotton mask will protect us from the virus.

Finally. I’m embarrassed that the Tribune apparently doesn’t understand that West Michigan, the Northern counties have more in common with Midwestern States than with the Detroit Metropolitan area, demographically, in density, and philosophically. Governors in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin (except for Minnesota) chose not to put their boots on the necks of their citizens – Waltz and Wretchen are Democrat birds of the same feather.

As a result, those States did not destroy their businesses and economies; did not drive workers to rely on payments from the Government, and did not put people in danger by canceling scheduled surgeries and procedures, thus causing layoffs of medical personnel and staff.

Unemployment in those States is less than half the rate in Michigan, and the number of Covid19 cases and deaths are similar to ours if we subtract the four counties around Detroit. Here in Ottawa County we have a population of over 230,000 with 331 cases of the Chi-Com Virus and 17 deaths. In Wayne County with a population of 1,749,343 They have 9,566 cases and 2,012 deaths – get the picture?

I challenge the crack staff of the Tribune to ‘Speak Truth To Power.’ Instead of blaming the Victims, do a story addressing the above issues and explain why Wretchen should treat us, our workers, our businesses and our hospitals like we are located the middle of Detroit.


Well said and totally agree.


Because our Governor is following the expressed recommendation passed down from the White House in an effort to protect you and yours. Period.


Yes, you’re correct to the extent that President Trump followed the medical advice of the experts he inherited when he was elected regarding social distancing .

Of course, you know you’re wrong if you are suggesting that the White House demanded Wretchen ignore regional differences in Michigan; that she stop all scheduled surgeries and procedures (except for abortions that she identified as’life-affirming’😉 that she close down businesses arbitrarily and capriciously; that she ban motorized crafts on our lakes; that she stop the selling of seeds and landscaping materials; that she keep open pot stores and liquor stores; that she commanded people couldn’t travel to cabins up North; that she allow lottery sales; that she close schools; that she close the Court system; that she close Churches; that she eliminate funerals; that she require nursing homes to accept Covid19 residents; that she not report the number of Covid19 cases and deaths like other states do; that she demand the wearing of masks (contrary to the advice of the Surgeon General), among other tyrannical, unconstitutional ‘Orders’.

Want to continue this discussion? Bring it on.


Those "Idioits" are your customers...


Just another example of how out of touch you are with the people of Grand Haven. You just don’t get it. The end of the Tribune is closer every day.

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