In targeting America’s second Catholic president with a threat to deny Joe Biden the Eucharist over his abortion rights support, U.S. bishops risk deepening what is already a destructive rift among the nation’s Catholics.

It also puts the bishops at odds with a president who is far more aligned than his political opponents are with the church’s humanitarian outlook – while also putting them at odds with Pope Francis. This is the kind of mistake that could make the church less politically and culturally relevant than ever in the U.S.

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After that little ill-conceived brouhaha, revealing their miserable disdain for President Biden and the Pope (both deeply devout Catholics!), the Bishops have reconsidered their damaging and hypocritical political attack, and now - "After controversy, U.S. Catholic bishops say there will be ‘no national policy on withholding Communion from politicians". Not very smart of them!

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