What are we, interplanetary social rejects? If E.T. or his kind come for a visit, they never seem to want to talk to us humans. Earth might be the place that the galaxy wants to visit for its natural beauty but not for its people.

A much-anticipated Pentagon report on UFOs concludes – well, not a lot. It reportedly will say that UFO sightings by credible witnesses, including military pilots and ship crews, are of unknown origin.

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This is a fulfillment of Scripture. In these last days of man's known existence there will be more of this occurring in the skies. I believe, and others may also, that they are some of the fallen angels who followed satan in his rebellion against God, their Creator. The frequency of the manifestations are being used to inure the masses to believe they are something that requires more serious inquiry; maybe they're freindly...probably not since they are our enemies (if one knows anything about the history of their behavior from Holy Text). They only serve to distract mankind away from their Creator. They are vying for our attention and we're giving it to them, undeservedly. They exist in a different dimension apart from ours; it's a supernatural one; how else explains the "impossible' maneuvers that witnesses claim defy physics as we currently understand them?

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