School budgets are challenging even in stress-free times, but these aren’t stress-free times.

And businesses and individuals aren’t the only ones facing financial difficulties because of the COVID-19 crisis and the related closures and shutdowns.

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And really you are quoting the Marquette Mining Journal? You are so out of touch Matt, You best be planning for a second career. You have less time in front of you at the Tribune than you have behind you.


What's wrong with the schools taking a temporary cut like the rest of us? They are closed and not incurring all expenses. This seems to be a reasonable approach.


I’m appalled and embarrassed that the editor Tribune would see fit to publish the opinion of the editors of The Marquette Mining Journal while ignoring the gross abuse of Michigan taxpayers by the Governor a week ago.

Wretched Wretchen agreed to pay seven Detroit student plaintiffs $280,000 each, and to pay the Detroit Public Schools Community District $2.72 million to fund literacy-related programming when she settled a lawsuit that asserted a fundamental right to a basic minimum education. She also agreed to propose legislation that would provide the Detroit Public Schools Community District with at least $94.4 million in funding for literacy-related programs and initiatives.

The case was brought by an activist, left-wing California “public interest” law firm and a white shoe Washington D.C. firm. The U.S. District Court threw the case out and the activists appealed. A 3 judge panel of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals held 2 to 1 that the suit could proceed (A Clinton appointee and an Obama appointee in the majority).

These two ‘experts’ held that "With respect to teaching, Plaintiffs claim that their schools “lack the qualified teaching staff required to bring students to literacy—that is, teachers who are certificated, properly trained, and assigned to a class within the area of their qualifications and expertise." Wretched Wretchen and her equally wretched Attorney General could and should have appealed to the full Sixth Circuit so the Court could decide this unbelievable and unprecedented legal theory that there is some unfounded ‘right’ to a basic minimum education, regardless of the qualifications of the students. But they had a different, Anti-Taxpayer agenda.

Is this a great country or what - a city can totally mismanage and poorly educate students requiring the State to step in. Nobody wants to stay teaching in the jungle that is Detroit. A bunch of leftwing legal activist 'public interest' lawyers, along with a liberal white shoe D.C. law firm decide to sue the State - 2 leftist judges find for the activists - a leftist Governor agrees to fold like a cheap suit.

Not to mention that the potential loss of funding for all schools is directly attributable to Wretched Wretchen strangling the tax base by unnecessarily shutting down businesses and driving unemployment to record levels – how did she think she would fund education, her Detroit give-aways, her welfare programs, and her entire Leftist agenda?

Yup – join other Leftist governors who have mismanaged their finances and the Chinese Virus and demand all U.S. taxpayers from States that are fiscally responsible bail them out. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Right out of the Obama / Holder / Cloward-Piven / Alinsky / Clinton Playbook. The Media plays along by largely ignoring it.

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