The name Donald J. Trump is toxic for Republicans. It doesn’t matter if they’re Illinois Republicans, Indiana Republicans or members of the Grand Old Party on Mars.

That’s the clear message for the GOP from the California recall debacle.

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Someone throw some water on her so she melts...

Dr. Vladtheimp

Ah, I love being lectured to by the great compromiser (I see nothing in this or any other of her diatribes that suggest she is willing to compromise on anything that would stand in the way of her mission to implant National Socialism in the United States).

And poor Lanny – having succeeded in illegally installing a mental defective into the Presidency, instead of bragging about how his policies have benefitted Americans she is reduced to pitching a BMW (Biotch, Moan, and Whine) about his successful predecessor.

And Lanny thinks Republicans can’t win elections? Except (from Ballotpedia), Republicans have won a majority of ‘general elections in recent years)

Republicans control the legislatures and executive branch (Governors) in 23 States with a population of 134,000 – Democrats have 13 with a population of 123,000.

Republicans have full control of the legislatures in 30 States with a population of 185,000 – Democrats fully control 18 with a population of 133,000.

Care to re-define ‘winning’? Oh, but BMW claims Republicans haven’t won the popular vote in recent Presidential ‘general’elections – too bad that we are a Constitutional Republic where the popular vote doesn’t mean squat under the Constitution – and BMW’s BMWing won’t change that – EVER!

“"Conan! What is best in life?" "To crush your enemies -- See them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!"


"Ah, I love being lectured to by the great.....". Spoken like a true Tiarna an Mhainéir (Lord of the Manor to those not fluent in the Celtic language - it's all about you!

I honestly don't know who you are referring to with your sad put-down of mentally defective people. I guess this is your way of projecting? I suppose we'll never really know.

Your recitation of factoids, unbeknownst to you apparently, proves my point.......if Republicans have total control of so many legislatures, why are they working so feverishly to pass literally hundreds of bills that make voting HARDER for citizens, while Democrats want to make it EASIER to exercise citizen's Constitutional right to vote?

Why do Republicans cling to cheating (election fraud), gerrymandering, obstruction, misinformation and voter suppression as a means to maintain power and control?

Why do Republicans support a one-term, twice-impeached inciter of an insurrection to overthrow a free, fair, and carefully monitored and executed US presidential election? Who even was secretly provided a blueprint by his attorney on how to overthrow the government, prior to the election (all illegal and fraudulent)?

If Republicans were so successful and popular, why would they bother with any of this?

"The only way to win a war is to be as nasty as the enemy". Capt. Mallory, The Guns of Navarone.

Dr. Vladtheimp

Ah, BMW, I only referred to one mentally defective person - the man your party illegally installed into the Presidency.

You said Republicans can't win general elections - I pointed out the facts that prove your statement false. If Democrats are so popular among qualified voters, why are they working so hard to ensure that there are no controls to weed out voter fraud? (One would think they could rely on their popularity among legal voters.)

A majority of American citizens (not just Republicans) support policies that combat voter fraud - including requiring a person desiring to vote to prove he or she is qualified by showing I.D. (just like they have to do to get welfare) - what a horrible, racist burden!

If Democrats were so successful and popular, why would they object to voters having to demonstrate they are legally qualified to vote?


1. I said Republicans haven't won the popular vote in presidential elections in years. FACT.

2. Years of investigations into the possibility of voter fraud - mostly by Republicans in red states - have reported NO measurable voter fraud. US elections are carefully executed; there are strict penalties, fines, and imprisonment for fraudulent voters; and there have been solid, non-discriminatory voter ID laws in place in the US since at least 1950. What Republicans are pushing is voter PHOTO ID's, something difficult for many voters to acquire. It doesn't stop with voter photo ID's - it's reducing times, locations, and other voting conveniences, and taking control of election officials who can subvert election results in their favor. FACT.

3. Democrats are working hard to counter the unconstitutional and discriminatory laws Republicans are pushing through that make it harder to vote because Democrats are pro-Constitution, pro-democracy, and pro-equality.

4. The Arizona "Fraudit" just finalized the report - Biden actually picked up 99 votes and Trump lost 261 votes. Every investigation into the 2020 election has confirmed the integrity of the election, the accuracy of results, and shown how rare fraud is. Election integrity is not the point here. Republicans are trying to delegitimize any Democrat victory and are laying the groundwork for mistrust of future elections where Republicans lose. FACT.

As I said earlier, A majority of citizens support the decades of voter ID laws that have proven to be successful in keeping US elections fraud-free......and they also support early voting. Republicans are simply fabricating a problem where none exists so they can pass legislation that will enable them to control the ballot count in their favor.

As your mentor and co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, and other right-wing groups, Paul Weyrich said, ...." "I don't want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of the people. They never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now. As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down."


The bitter Democrat is an expert on the Republican Party...her rantings really speak volumes to her instability


And how clueless she is. Every post make it clearly evident she's never had a clue in all her born days.


A great op-ed piece, so close but no cigar.

The Republican party has fully embraced Trump, has fully embraced his fascist, authoritarian leanings, and fully embraced his lies and repeated rejection of the Constitution and rule of law, and American democracy itself.

Sound harsh? You bet! Just read report after report about right-wing planned disruptions, chaos and misinformation accompanied by threats of violence at school board meetings, public health officials, state capitols, democrat governors, our nation's Capitol, and any other person or institution that does not adhere to it's hard right spin. Compromise, cooperation, reason, facts, science, public health, historical context, kindness, respect.......I am not seeing much support for any of these coming from the Republican party these days, are you?

Republicans haven't won the popular vote in general elections in years because their policies - heavily weighted to benefit corporations and the wealthy at the expense of the American people - are not popular with the majority of citizens but that doesn't stop them from passing hundreds of bills whose sole intent is to keep power and motivate and energize their core base to hang with them despite in doing so that core base is actually working against their own best interests.

Now, during a severe global pandemic, Republicans continue to work against the public good and the health - current and future - of citizens including children. Shameful and disturbing.

No - Trump and Trumpism = The Republican Party = Authoritarianism. They just aren't into democracy these days.....they've taken the leap into the abyss and are attempting to take America with them. I wonder how long before they, along with us, hit bottom?


Good God ...your still whining about Trump. Afghanistan disaster, Allies angry, Border with Mexico out of control..and Trump is it...Pathetic

Yea, Buddy

Yah, that is the only thing these people know how to survive; is to trash President Trump and the republican party. Makes you feel sorry for them-


Very pathetic. The country is going to heck in a handbasket and the Dems can't let go of Trump. Sick.


How else can they deflect from their pathetic performance, Rot. It's really all they've got.

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