Brace yourselves. It appears we likely are set to receive a beating from the pandemic coronavirus that ground our nation, and much of the rest of the world, to a halt in recent months.

Don’t be surprised if the coming wave arrives in parallel with renewed restrictions on our leisure and work routines. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer already nudged downstate regions back a few steps late last month when new infection numbers lent credence to concerns over a viral resurgence.

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Thank you for the lecture. But it's OK according for left wing Waco's to engage in protest marches, including a photo of the Governor walking shoulder to shoulder in a protest. So spare us your predictions. Arbitrary rules won't change human behavior. People will always find a way around it. Supposedly starting 7-13, per our Governor. a 500.00 fine can be imposed if a person doesn't wear a mask inside any facility. How will that be enforced?

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