It’s a deal any state would be smart to take – but as many as a dozen might be about to say no regardless.

They haven’t yet expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act and are being offered enough federal money to cover the full cost, plus extra funds totaling nearly $10 billion over two years, to be spent at their discretion. The bargain would mean health coverage for 4.3 million of their most vulnerable people – enabling many of them to work, narrowing the racial health care gap, creating new health care jobs and reducing hospital charity care.

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Some factoids:

White people are by far the largest recipients of Medicaid - 40% vs 21% Black, 25% Hispanic, 14% other (nationally).

The majority of Medicaid recipients are: impoverished children, elderly citizens who need nursing care and have outlived their retirement funds, and mentally and/or physically disabled people who can not work, or in many cases, function normally.

Yea, Buddy

Yet another redistribution of wealth, like the unaffordable health care disaster. Take from those who work, give to those being enabled constantly....


In an instant, a productive, active, income-producing person can become the victim of gun violence, a major car accident, a debilitating illness, a stock market crash where retirement funds are lost, or any other unforseeable life-changing event that renders that working person a Medicaid applicant.

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