Nothing we do or say or write or advocate will bring back Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old kid shot by a Chicago police officer on March 29. Our agony, our tears, our careful study of the videos released Thursday won’t bring him back.

He is a boy running from police in the middle of the night, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and a baseball cap, his feet pounding the pavement as he outpaces the officer in a Little Village alley. He stops near a fence. He turns toward the officer and a shot rings out. He crumples to the ground, blood on his face and hands, as panicked voices soon surround him, his body still and unmoving. The officer begs him to stay awake, to stay alert as the paramedics descend.

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This 13 year old was called 'Lil Homocide. He was missing for days and his mom didn't bother to report him. He shot at a passing car and turned toward the cop while ditching the gun. He could have been turning to fire. Exactly what is the problem with the police? I'm glad the officer is safe!


13 years old out with a gun at 2:30 in the morning this has nothing to do with race

Yea, Buddy

Concur, Rott. So far Chicago has 171 murders in 2021. 36 in April alone.

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