President Donald Trump’s decision to skip President-elect Joe Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration ceremony disrupts yet another tradition in this country’s historic, peaceful transition of power. In this case, it is a tradition worth breaking to avoid the distraction and potential security risk Trump represents.

Consider Trump’s absence from the transition-of-power formality one more defining moment in an unprecedented era of defining moments for the country. The outgoing president, supported for reelection by some 74 million voters, is reduced to an intrusion. He is a public safety hazard. A cannon so loose he cannot be trusted with basic ceremonial duties.

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Dr. Vladtheimp

Obviously, the path forward for the Nation is to emulate the social, economic, and crime fighting politics of Mayor (Groot) Lightfoot, States Attorney (Crimesha) Foxx, and their policies endorsed by the Chicago Tribune - so sayeth the Editors of the Grand Haven Tribune (or Chicago Tribune East)


Apparently your favored path forward for the Nation is to emulate and glorify the amplifying of lies to undermine democracy to overturn a fair and free election, and inciting an armed insurrection of the Capitol, carefully and painstakingly choreographed, planned, funded, and executed by seditionists.

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