President Trump wants to have it both ways: He is pressuring U.S. public schools to reopen, citing nations such as Germany, Denmark and France that have led the way, while insisting that our schools don’t need the kind of money that those countries have spent on safely reopening.

Trump seems to think he can ignore the serious surges of COVID-19 in many states and return the schools to nearly pre-pandemic normal just by wishing it. Do it fast, do it on the cheap – or else.

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It's just another day in Trump's neighborhood - No plan, No well-reasoned policy based on input from multiple affected sources, but with an all-encompassing agenda that is composed of what is best for Trump and his re-election. The horrifying part is that he and his enablers are using our children as pawns in his ineptness, desperation, and realization that this virus has won due to his negligence, ineptness, plan, no policy, and an agenda based on saving his own hide and re-election chances.


The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that children rarely contract & transmit COVID and that schools should reopen in the fall with the social distancing and sanitizing protocols in place. No one is using children as pawns here. It appears Trump is following what the science is telling him to follow. Much more harm will befall the children by not going back to in-person schooling. The remote schooling is doing more harm than good. Children need the social interaction of in-person schooling. But, you just go on being your ignorant self. You are the least informed and most ignorant individual I've ever seen in all my born days. I guess that's what TDS will do to you, although you were like that prior to Trump anyway. Maybe get your information from more reliable sources.


Let's get logical. No one wants to send our kids back to school when it remains highly unsafe to do so, when the health and safety of the kids and staff is in jeopardy, when there is no well-thought out plan and set of procedures to ensure as safe of a school experience as possible. We aren't getting that from the Trump administration. Instead, this is what we are getting: CBS: "What do you tell parents and teachers who feel that it's unsafe to go back?"

Trump: "... You should find yourself a new person whoever's in charge ... because children and parents are dying from that trauma, too. They're dying because they can't do what they're doing." This does not instill confidence that are kids will be safe in school, now does it?


I am always logical. I have no other setting. Comes with being an engineer. The American Association of Pediatrics disagrees with your assertion that it is unsafe to send kids back to school this fall. Like I previously stated, they say that children are extremely unlikely to contract and transmit COVID. That means also to their teachers. What about that do you fail to grasp? Teacher-to-teacher transmission can be minimized with sanitary methods, masks, temperature checks, and distancing, just like any business operating today. My employer has been using these methods since the end of April, and we've had ZERO cases since then. You think you know better than the American Association of Pediatrics does, you arrogant nincompoop?! The AAP has put forward the safe plan to reopen schools following CDC protocols and it needs to be done on schedule this fall, period! Your hating Trump doesn't change these facts. Kids need to have in-person schooling for their social behavior development. Stop falling for the media's fear-mongering. Get a clue!


Another fraudulent couple of replies from T-Bird, cut and paste on the sly, and morphing off-topic. This op-ed, and my comments, are not debating the pros and cons of kids going to school. How ridiculous! Of course schools are an excellent place for children to develop! That's not the issue here...I guess I have to spell it out yet again for you. The problem is that Trump is pushing for kids to go back to school in a few weeks when confirmed cases of Covid are spiking and in many states, overwhelming hospitals. And, once again, Trump has No plan and No policy to help states bring back kids into the classroom with safety precautions to keep not only the kids, but the staff, and the families and communities surrounding those schools safe and healthy. In other words, he delusionally and callously just wants his followers to feel that life is back to normal in the months leading up to his re-election, when, sadly, it is anything but. He's using the health of our children as pawns, while meanwhile, his administration is working hard to kill the ACA, during a time when millions of Americans are getting sick, thousands are dying, and people are losing their jobs with health insurance. And you know what you can do with your abusive, fraudulent, irrelevant, off-topic comments.


My god Lanivan, you are such an ignoramus. I don't cut & paste.You have nothing for an argument and it shows. You really embarrass yourself every time you post.


Well yes, the L.A. Teacher's Union knows how to safely open the schools -

Raise their pay;

Shut down Charter Schools;

Defund the Police; and

Medicare for all.

It's so simple undoubtedly Whitmer will endorse the program for Michigan.

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