What is a constitution?

A constitution is made up of words and sentences, explaining how a government should and should not operate, and declaring which people – and what values – a government should protect.

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This op-ed articulately highlights the extreme seriousness of the coming election. It is a moment when Americans must decide it they want to live in a democracy where liberty and justice for all are ideals worth fighting for, or live in a country where education, health care, opportunity and rule of law prevail, or do they choose to submit to authoritarian, lawless, manipulative, racist, corrupt leadership that governs for the benefit of themselves and their wealthiest donors over the safety and security of Americans and their country. Do we truly care about the Constitution, the values it espouses, or the type of government by the people it created? Or are we comfortable with mangling and manipulating it for the benefit of a corrupted and/or ignorant minority?


You are out of your mind with you accusations Lanivan. Do you have any idea what you look like to the readers of the Tribune.

Dr. Vladtheimp


Maybe it would have been more informative to readers if you had published a story about how on Thursday every Democrat in the U.S. Senate voted against a COVID 19 Relief bill that would have:

Provided a $300 weekly unemployment subsidy,

Provided $105 billion for schools,

Provided $20 billion for farmers,

Provided $10 billion for the US Postal Service,

Provided $10 billion for childcare assistance,

Provided $47 billion for vaccines and testing,

Provided $258 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program,

Provided businesses liability protection except in cases of gross negligence and misconduct.

The Democrat intransigence killed the bill. and likely any additional COVID Relief, but it was more important to them to stick it to America then let President Trump be seen to have a win for the people.

Shame on them and shame on the Tribune for ignoring it while at the same time running scary COVID 'Alerts' every day.


Your screed "leaves out" a great deal of information, of which I intend to give a timeline of actions from both the Democrat House and Republican Senate in the last 4 months as this deadly pandemic has spread throughout the entire nation, making millions sick and killing hundreds of thousands, while the economy craters. The facts will show a Democrat House that has worked diligently for the people, and a Republican Senate that has stalled, obstructed, gone on vacation, and ignored pleas to compromise. Meanwhile, I would add that we have the fact, from Trump's own words, on tape, that all this devastation could have been avoided. We now know that January through March, when he was calling the threat a "democrat hoax", that it will "just go away", while he was dismissing the seriousness of the virus throughout each and every day....he knew. He knew it was deadly. He knew that it was an airborne virus - you could contract the virus through breathing air; he knew it was much worse than the average flu virus. He knew, but day, after day, after day - for those highly critical months early on - he lied to the American public. He consciously concealed the true nature of Covid-19 because he was worried about what it could do about his re-election prospects. This is possibly the greatest dereliction of duty in presidential history, and you are arguing for this threat in the White House as being denied "a win". Shame on you!

Dr. Vladtheimp

I see, so your deflections and opinions justify Democrats voting to deprive American workers of Covid related unemployment benefits; funding for Covid related funding for schools, farmers, vaccines, childcare, Paycheck Protection for the very people Whitmer has provided free education for (even if they have to work instead of going to a community college), and liability protection for food stores, gas stations, hospitals, farmers, ranchers, meat packers, etc.?

Check your privilege girl!


To blame Donald Trump or any one person for the Covid virus show just what an angry zealot you really are. Shame on you Lanivan.


Matt its time to start looking for another job you have almost run the Tribune into the ground.

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