I am shopping for Christmas pajamas to outfit our crew – again. I’ve already done this once. About a month ago, I bought matching sets. They were delivered and shoved in the back of our basement until this weekend, when I pulled them out and was struck by a very obvious thing – the jolly Santa faces peering back at me were white. Like, super white. Like, in all my life, Santa had never looked so shockingly white.

I gazed around our freshly decorated house. Alabaster Santas stared back from every corner. On cookie jars, candles, plates and mugs, from oven mitts, towels and ornaments, there was Caucasian Santa with his pink cheeks and knowing smile.

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If you were not so racially biased and insensitive you would be celebrating Kwanza


Understanding my whiteness??? Are you kidding, you have alot of time on your hands.


I find it hard to believe that you didn't see the super white Santa when you bought the pajamas. That should have been something you were aware of when you bought them. You should have thought of your child then. What is this "We, as white people"? I'm pretty tired of being lumped into a group because of my skin color. I bought dolls this year for Toys for Tots. I made sure I bought a doll in every skin color they had and I don't have a young child in my home. There are a few things wrong with what you wrote, and it doesn't have anything to do with other people.

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