• Thank you to the teachers who shared their time this past holiday season to read to children and their families as they waited for Santa and Mrs. Claus at the Depot. With great appreciation to these champions of Grand Haven Area Public Schools: Kara Endsley, Deb Mann, Tom Stream, Ian Overway, Kristin Speer, Shelly Hammond, Michele Shelton, Sarah Boerson, Danielle Bolthouse, Missy Mayer, Michelle Shumaker, Leslie Tompkins, Amy Schriber, Melissa Sanborn, Kathleen Sexton and Brandon Weigel.

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Just a warning,I recently had a home heating Furnace not kicking on so I called a local Spring Lake heating and cooling Co for a repair,I was told it would be a $79.00 fee to diagnose the problem,it is a simple furnace in a Mobile Home.I had done some research on parts and probably causes. The tech spent about 15 minutes finding a simple ignition coil was bad, a $25.00 part,it took him another 15 min to replace it, never told me how much he was going to charge for that simple part,when he totaled my bill it came to $320.00. I was charged $220.00 for that $25.00 part, a 1000% mark up on the part. So beware of these heating and cooling contractors, ask how much the simple part they want to replace cost, do some research so you don't get ripped off like I did.


Useless unless you identify the firm that allegedly ripped you off - or do they have an explanation?

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