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Another Gem from the Trib Goebbels stable of Leftists ("Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth."

It’s hard to tell if the occupants of the stable know what they are writing is a lie or if they are just ignorant – duped by the Democrat Party and its media – I lean toward the former.

Putting aside the fact that there is virtually no science (you know, supported by Faucci’s double blind study standard) that masks stop the spread of the virus, the claim that “Europe is now relaxing their restrictions because they heeded the science, wore masks, isolated themselves and lowered their infection rate.” Is not only a lie, but laughable.

In the statistics that are most meaningful, deaths per million people, the United States fares better than:

Belgium (908.68 deaths per million)

Spain (624.82 deaths per million)

United Kingdom (624.37 deaths per million)

Italy (624.37 deaths per million)

Sweden (571.53 deaths per million)

The United States rate (566.3) is hugely inflated by the number of deaths from Democrat controlled States and cities – deaths per million

New Jersey – (1,809)

New York – (1,699)

Massachusetts – (1,314)

Connecticut – (1,253)

District of Columbia (861)

Michigan – (679)

So, who was ‘following the science’ and what did it gain them? Not one of those Democrat states that had far worse results than the rest of the world, including Europe.

Of course, much of the credit for the low death rate in the U.S. is due to our great private and public hospitals, doctors, nurses, EMTs and others; much of the credit must also go to President Trump who very early on stopped travel from China and infected regions of Europe being criticized by Biden and the Democrats for his life-saving actions; provided hospitals and staff to New York and California; used the Defense Production Act and private/public partnerships to produce ventilators, surgical masks, PPE and other vital supplies that had not been stockpiled by Democrat Governors and to replace the national stockpile depleted by Obama and Biden.

Return to your stall, Richard – time for another clueless nag to attempt to mislead readers.


True story! I was going to used the Goebbels quote about "saying a big lie often enough people will believe it" in my comment to you. You are the poster boy of manipulating facts and falsehoods, often with the hope someone is stupid enough to believe it. For example: "The risk of dying of coronavirus is vastly higher in US states with Republican Party governors than in those with Democratic governors.

Through the month of August, just ended, the 50 states and the District of Columbia recorded 29,494 Covid-19 deaths. That is 89.9 per million people, one of the world’s worst results. But just six states experienced more than half those deaths – Texas, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, South Carolina and Mississippi. And yes, they all have Republican governors. Of the 22 states which recorded deaths per million in August higher than fifty, 17 have Republican leadership (red states) and just five are Democratic (blue states). (see chart from worldometers) https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2020/9/3/1974644/-Republican-states-death-rate-more-than-double-Democratic-states So yeah, I guess it's time to sit in the corner of that stall you speak of.


Misrepresent, deceive, and deflect - more Three Card Monte from the Queen of misdirection.

The facts I provided are the accurate figures for deaths per million from the beginning of the Chinese Virus through September 2020 by Country (Stastica) and by State (WorldOMeter).

Because this presents such a stark picture of the success of President Trump versus other countries, and the abject failures of Democrat run States, the Left can't let people see this, so they use their little operatives to cherry-pick irrelevant factoids to try to confuse folks, like selecting one month out of 7 from the WorldOMeter statistics when the entire period is right before your eyes. Oh, that's right, you just quoted dailykos, a Leftist propaganda site.

Seems strange you would consider using the Goebbels quote in your comment to me when I used it in the first sentence of my response.

True story - every time I tried to cite a link to a source for my claims, the Trib labeled it spam and wouldn't permit my response. The other day I noticed you included a link in a response to Rottie so I figured the Trib had changed its algorithm and inserted Statstica and WorldOMeter links - Spam. I guess your links are Roast Beef - mine are canned meat.

I found out yesterday that to the Trib, the word L*sbian is profanity - but LGBTQ is as acceptable as Mom and Apple Pie - maybe I'll test out each of the words in LGBTQ.


What a bitter person. Very sad


She really is.

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