Only reading the Fake News?

To the editor,

Richard Kamischke, Dr. Rob Davidson, Stewart Veeck and others are constantly spouting untrue statements in regard to President Trump. I suppose that it could be argued that they are only reading the Fake News, are not as bright as the average deplorable, and actually believe what they are parroting. Another possibility is that they actually know they are lying.

One example is Kamischke quoting the Washington Post database accusing Trump of 10,000-plus lies and misleading statements. At that rate, Trump would have to tell 12 lies every day, seven days a week since he has been in office. Even Kamischke should be able to comprehend how ridiculous his statement is.

An example of what the Washington Post considers a Trump lie: Trump said he bought a thousand burgers for the Clemson football team during their White House visit, adding that, “It was piled up a mile high.” The Washington Post fact-checkers noted that “at 2 inches each, 1,000 burgers would not reach a mile high,” so that was an example of Trump’s habitual dishonesty.

The accusations continually made against Trump by the above people are nearly all unsubstantiated, faulty conclusions, or misleading. These people seem to be reasonably intelligent, maybe even academics, and should know better. They must have some kind of mental block or condition to lend themselves to their obvious prejudice. Nothing they say should be considered credible.

Veeck recently in a letter to the editor made at least eight statements that are not true, in my opinion. It could take a page or two to explain each one. Who has the time or patience? Hopefully, the deplorables, which I consider myself one of, will have enough common sense to see through the false and misleading babble.

Ron Cooper


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There is an obvious agenda. But the truth always comes out in the end and will. Looking forward to Trump winning by a landslide in 2020.

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