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Trump's deal with the Taliban only, not including the Afghan government and thereby setting up the government for failure right from the get-go, and with no attempt to include inspection or enforcement mechanisms to enforce its terms, was a "surrender agreement". It was so bad that the RNC immediately took down the website heralding Trump's "peace agreement" when the Taliban took control of the majority of Afghanistan within days of the evacuation.

Trump's incompetence was a set-up for the next president who wanted to pull out of the country. Most reasonable people understand that an evacuation from a 20-year unwinnable war will be chaotic and not without tragedy. Thank God we have President Biden, a strong and resolute leader who has put an end to this costly war - costly in human suffering and death, and $300 million a day in taxpayer money.

Dr. Vladtheimp

Uh, so Trump's deal was so bad that Joe the Drooler insisted on enforcing it while abandoning Americans and Afghans who had assisted us and arming the Taliban for decades to come? And now Trump's deal, that put an end to this "costly war - costly in human suffering and death, and $300 million a day in taxpayer money" is really Biden's deal? Is that what you're selling?

Well, if you can try and sell that Joey Stairmaster is "strong and resolute" I guess you can shovel any smoke you want.

Dr. Vladtheimp

Ms. Joiner underscores the value of government education. Hamid Karzai left office when Barack Hussein Obama was President and Joseph Robinette Biden was Vice President. Both had backed a troop surge of 30,000 men and women into the spit-hole that is Afghanistan; both Obama and Biden welcomed and funded his successor, President Ashraf Ghani.

Nice try to distract from the Biden lies and i9ncompetence.


Ms joiner. Joe Biden has reversed every policy by executive order that Trump had enacted when it was convenient. Blaming Trump for this is a lie and disservice to all.

Yea, Buddy

C'mon, stop the President Trump bashing! He's no longer President. Thankfully, Dr. Vlad, Rott .,; try to educate, but they too, like most Tribune readers, are tired of it. Move on!

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