An encouraging sign in bad behavior

To the editor,

It was a shocking moment. The United States president and his entourage make an appearance at a World Series game. Upon hearing him introduced, there are a few hushed moments, followed by a prolonged and loud chorus of “boos” filling the stadium. Shortly the “boos” give way to a chant: “Lock him up! Lock him up!”

It was a raucous, discourteous response by these fans. Their only aim that evening was to witness America’s game being played at a very high level. I disapproved and was a bit embarrassed for Mr. Trump and for poor Melania, as well. That is, at first I disapproved, but I confess that I found something sinfully delicious about the moment, as well.

This was a spontaneous moment of payback by a large throng of Americans who were seizing the moment to give their president feedback. Rude as their behavior was, I took the scene as an encouraging sign that America had not lapsed as far into apathy as they endure this administration as I had feared.

A latent reservoir of resentment and disgust was revealed here at this author of birtherism, this ridiculer of persons with disabilities, this disparager of foreign nations, betrayer of steadfast allies, and terrorizer of immigrant families and children. It was a loud rebuke to a leader who abandons constitutional constraints as he panders to corrupt foreign governments.

It was Rude America insulting the Insulter-In-Chief. It was a gathering of baseball fans who had no agenda other than to witness a contest governed by fair play and respect for the opponent. Clearly they place high value on a base hit and detect a foul ball when they see one.

Both this president and this crowd need to learn better behavior. Unfortunately, I am more optimistic about the crowd.

Richard Brouwer

Grand Haven Township

Brugger looks for answers, opportunities

To the editor,

I am writing to support Josh Brugger for mayor. Grand Haven residents have a choice on Tuesday, Nov. 5. I hope they will choose Josh Brugger for a number of reasons.

I believe Josh will:

— Advocate for a sound financial future by looking at who pays for what and who benefits, which is why he wanted to change from debt to pay-as-you-go for roads.

— Support looking for ways we can protect the environment, encourage diversity and amend our ordinances for more housing flexibility.

— Ask and listen to the answers provided; do his homework in search of long-term solutions to ongoing issues (he’s surveying the community now by mail and on Facebook/Josh Brugger for Mayor, asking for feedback on various options for our future power supply and subsidy of the airport).

Josh not only looks for answers, he looks for opportunities to make Grand Haven a better place for families and businesses who call Grand Haven home. Vote Josh Brugger for mayor, Nov. 5.

Phyllis Allison

Grand Haven

The Left’s case is weak

To the editor,

I am saddened by those who let themselves be fooled by the outright lies of the Left, using CNN, MSNBC and many other infected media to carry accusations and untruths about our president and the work he is accomplishing. As he tries to uproot and expel corruption, it angers those who have been able to feed off it for so long. No wonder they are angry! I am amazed at how much he has accomplished for us in spite of those who fight him every step of the way.

The endless accusations he endures from the Left start with unsubstantiated lies, believed by those who want to bring him down so badly, they want to believe those lies.

I appreciate his support of our military, his efforts to uphold our Constitution and his persistence for us to be treated fairly by other countries instead of being a “sucker” for them, as has happened in the recent past.

I appreciate his desire and efforts to protect the U.S. citizens by strengthening our borders and the innocent unborn from late-term and dismemberment abortion. If you honestly think for even five seconds what these procedures are, you could not support someone who allows that!

The Left has a loud voice, but its case is weak. This only strengthens my resolve to support and respect our president, although he has imperfections like you and I, but he’s working for us.

Joyce E. Weaver

Robinson Township

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Sadly our nation has devolved into pettyness and fault finding. Washington will not lead by example, and people no longer concern themselves with truth. Truth is neither democrat or republican, it does not care who has the last word. DOA...


So Richard, I take it you are not a Trump fan? Seems like a lot of unsubstantiated allegations, or should we call them what they really are , leftist talking points based on absolutely no evidence or proof. Trump will be re-elected by a land slide.


An encouraging sign in bad behavior

There they go again – another Leftist justifying Leftist bad behavior while attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of normal Americans.

In this case, it’s a laughable attempt to portray Washington, D.C. Swamp Creatures as “a large throng of Americans who were seizing the moment to give their president feedback.”

Richard Breuer apparently equates a mostly white crowd of people from the D.C. Metropolitan area that gave Hillary 90% of their vote and could afford to pay $960 for a standing room only ticket; $1,053 for a seat in the nosebleed section; and $8,200 for a seat in the Delta Sky Box section to everyday citizens and voters.

Let’s get real – the people booing our President in D.C. were Congress Critters, Intelligence Community Leakers, Obama moles burrowed deep in the Bowels of the Bureaucracy, Hunter Biden wanna-bes, Hollywood Know-Nothings and people unhappy their Crony Capitalist Gravy Train ended when President Trump buried Hillary in the Electoral College. Comparing these effete Elitists to normal Americans is the same as the Leftist Washington Post describing the murderous head of Isis, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as an "austere religious scholar."


Vlad, I read somewhere that it was 96% for Hilliary. That's 24 out of every 25 residents in D.C. It is no wonder that these people were booing Trump. He defeated their queen. And the leftist pundits were up in arms that Trump didn't bring son Barron along for the booing as well. What a bunch of dipsticks!


you hit the nail on the head

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