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Dr. Vladtheimp

Poorly Disguised Criticism of Dr. Penning’s Positions

1. I is instructive to note how Dr. Penning’s letter brought out the lunatics (Groomers) who support homosexual grooming of elementary age children by public schools – instead of having the courage to state their support, they hide behind criticism of Dr. Penning.

2. Phil Spar claims to support Dr. Penning’s view, but then misstates it and proceeds to devote the bulk of his letter criticizing two people cited by Dr. Penning.

First Spar objects to States like Florida passing laws to protect their students (directing that some subjects cannot be taught in the schools the State funds by teachers the State pays and employs): “I do not believe that it is appropriate for higher levels of government to set the boundaries. Local boards of education, subject to parental input, are best equipped to make these decisions.” This does not reflect Penning’s clear support for the Florida law and misstates Penning’s statement that parents, not schools or school boards are the ultimate authority on matters of family values.

3. With respect to his criticism of sources: Spar proves beyond doubt that the Leftist demand that we “Believe All Women” is deader than the abortionist’s work product. Abby Johnson has far more credibility than any of the perjurers who accused Justice Kavanaugh – she knows where she was; who her employer was; who the abortionists were; and she didn’t wait for decades to bring forth her claims – did it within days, in fact.

Camille Paglia may or mat not have directly tied transgenderism to the fall of Rome, but she did rail against it and tied Obama’s policy of persecuting college students accused of sexual improprieties, and the huge increase of federal and university sex police bureaucrats, with the defeat of the Roman Empire at the hands of the old barbarians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y3-KIesYRE&t=2144s (about min. 33)

Groomers Gonna Groom . . . .

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