A silver lining?

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To Dr. Vladtheimp: Some 'inconsistencies'. 1. Interesting how you robotically trash Democrats, and yet you were awarded a Capitol Police position which you apparently consider an honor by that thoroughly Democrat Tip O'Neil! The irony!

2. Please don't minimize Trump's scheme to overturn the election and maintain power by means of a coup, with a carefully funded, planned and orchestrated armed insurrection of the Capitol by his supporters during the final official Congressional affirming of the results of the election that he lost by over 7 million votes and 71 electoral votes. This was his moment of glory and thrilling affirmation! Your comment that all this only amounts to "absurd charges" is demeaning to him. We can't have that.

3. I'm sincerely shocked that, with your history, you don't express any outrage that Trump supporters beat a Capitol Police Officer with a fire extinguisher, then pummeled his prone body with an American flagstaff, resulting in a horrific death. Where is your outrage??

4. For four years Big Tech allowed the President of the United States to use their forums to lie, misrepresent, dissemble, insult, divide, and spew hate, misogyny, racism, and gross ignorance. (I know this because I read as much as I could stand) They provided his supporters venues for expressions of violent, hate-filled rhetoric. I guess they all went a little too far with this violent attempt to overthrow the government.

Dr. Vladtheimp

To Miss Lanny:

1. I got my appointment through a law school classmate (one of 4 women in the class) I became close to who shared a house with three other graduates of Mount Holyoke, one of whom was a speechwriter for Speaker O’Neil.

Tip O’Neil was nothing like the crazed Democrats of today. I vividly recall our House cafeteria workers attempting to unionize, which was not permitted on Capitol Hill. And Tip O’Neil directing us to privatize the work, which we did and they all lost their Government jobs (the Senate cafeteria workers continued as before). Bonus question: when were unions first permitted on Capitol Hill? 1995 – when Newt Gingrich and the Republicans took over and passed H.R. 1 of the 104th Congress – The Congressional Accountability Act.

2. The only coup was run by Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and Pelosi when the lied about the fake Russia collusion scandal bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign. There is zero evidence of a ‘carefully funded, planned and orchestrated armed insurrection.’ If you think a crowd of over 50,000 Patriots couldn’t have done more damage you’re delusional. The raw footage shows a small number of agitators, both left and right, caused the damage.

3. I’m outraged if anyone harms a Police Officer, and if what you claim is proven, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, unlike the Black Lives Matter supporters who injured or killed police officers. One would hope Kamala Harris will not be contributing to bail out anyone involved at the Capitol.

4. Glad to hear you will support Anti-Trust actions and lawsuits against Big Tech – we’ll all be better off!


Rep. Jim Lilly: You mention your relief that Trump has conceded, but I have to add: His concession - inglorious as it was - was months too late, after consistently lying and grossly misrepresenting the election results, and after a violent armed insurrection of the Capitol where (5) people died, Capitol Police were beaten, the building desecrated with human waste, and people hid from marauding thugs for hours - all incited by Trump; the threat and subsequent resignations of many of his senior staff, and imminent impeachment for inciting insurrection of the US government - the gravest articles of impeachment ever brought in US history.


Rob, You may want to consider climbing down off your high horse.


just curious, Mr. Lilly, why didn't you say the same things to President Trump during your meeting with him in late November? too busy sipping champagne at the Trump International Hotel to speak truth to power?

Dr. Vladtheimp


Some perspective: I had an appointment to the U.S. Capitol Police from Speaker Tip O’Neil in 1970 which was withdrawn when Leftist Democrats bombed the Capitol. I worked for the Congress for over 30 years, most of the time with an office in the Capitol Building and in a House Office Building; in the early years I provided legal representation to the Capitol Police; I was there when the Capitol was bombed by Leftists in 1983; I was evacuated from the Capitol Building on 9/11.

Without commenting on the minimal physical damage from protesters on Wednesday or the absurd charges that President Trump was responsible, I will tell you that Congress has increasingly removed itself from its constituents.

In the 70’s and 80’s citizens could freely enter the Capitol and interact with Congressmen, Senators and staff. Then all who worked there were issued photo I.D.’s that were necessary to enter the Capitol and House and Senate Office buildings through metal detectors.

This wasn’t enough: in mid 2000 Congress spent $621,000,000 tax dollars for a Capitol Visitor Center that ensured the only way constituents could visit their Capitol was through guided tours through an underground entrance with tight security every step of the way.

In addition to physical separation, now most Members will only accept e-mail from their own constituents, even though they vote on matters impacting all citizens. They are closer physically (lunches at the Monocle), and on issues to lobbyists and special interests like the environmental lobby, Wall Street, Big Tech companies and Dark Money providers than they are to the American people. This is a recipe for disaster and for increasing restlessness among the people.

I have great respect for the magnificent Capitol Building and for the Capitol Police, which is one of, if not the most highly trained and highly paid law enforcement agency in the world, (1800+ officers to patrol 58 park-like acres). I have no explanation of why police in Democrat cities are dealing with Democrat riots, looting, arson, assaults, murders, property damage, etc. while forbidden to use lethal force while a U.S. Capitol Police officer is provided live ammunition and kills an unarmed, peaceful female protester, and the media is apparently O.K. with that.

With State legislatures (and legislators like Jim Lilly) in so-called swing states refusing to authorize substantive investigations into the direct and indirect evidence of election fraud; with the Courts refusing to address clear violations of State Constitutions and the Federal Constitution by unelected bureaucrats, and with Democrat Big Tech stifling all commentary that fails to genuflect to Leftist ideology, thus removing the safety valve of free and open debate, I question the impact on society going forward.

In these circumstances, Democrat and RINO talk of healing is hollow indeed – what they are doing is vindictive and vengeful – what do they think the reaction will be?


Thank you Vlad for the first person historical perspective. As time passes, the history lesson you just provided is further and further obscured from present day events. Our media will then purposely attempt to shape history to meet the narrative they want to present. and no one will be there to refute it. They try to do that every day now, but there are still enough first person witnesses around to shine the light on their dishonesty. When folks like yourself who were there for the events you related fade into the annals of history themselves, the details will go along with them. Very scary indeed.

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