Defending free speech?

To the editor,

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Everything you write is true, Richard, although I so wish it wasn't. We were warned that when cornered and failing, the malignant narcissist Trump would come out swinging (he will hit back harder, as Melania has said). He has purged every reasoned and experienced mind from the White House and surrounded himself with more corrupt sycophants that will never attempt to calm him or re-direct his vengeful and cruel actions and thoughts. We've never had a president quite like this one, and hopefully, our country will persevere through the next 100 days, when, God willing, the corrupt Trump and his enablers will be purged from the White House and Congress, and the US, with lots of hard work, can regain it's strength, purpose, leadership, and standing in the world, and Americans can be proud of their country once again.

Dr. Vladtheimp

You ain't seen nothing yet

‘FACTS’ in Poor Richard’s Almaniac:

Today California new Chinese Virus cases top Florida’s – it’s Trump’s fault.

Obama’s FBI set up Trump after Hillary paid Russians for dirt – Trump’s fault.

Faucci warned against mask wearing – Trump’s fault.

Trump followed Faucci advice on shutting down economy – Trump’s fault.

2,127 shot in Chicago, 424 homicides in 2020 so far – Trump’s Fault.

Only 5 Governors, Democrats all, including Wretchen Whitmer forced nursing homes and assisted living centers to accept elderly with the Chinese Virus – Trump’s Fault.

Biden’s Brain is Mush – Trump’s Fault.

Florida Teachers Union sues to get paid without going to work – Trump’s Fault.

Leftist Jeff Bezos (Amazon, Wash Post) added $13b to fortune Monday – Trump’s Fault.

Richard suffering from severe TDS – only vaccine is Truth – NOT Trump’s Fault.


Richard you are sad and irrational. Get counseling soon

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