A misunderstanding

To the editor,

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What a treat! The two most cantankerous, (old??), intellectually lazy anti-Democracy bilious bellyachers and masters of falsehoods and looney tunes this side of the Grand River on the same page, ill-humored, ill-tempered, and ill-natured - just like their mentor and muse, Trump!

It's all rather nauseating, but in an effort to provide an antidote, I will post some very good news that is actually factual, timely, and based on truth.

Under 14 months of the Biden presidency:

- 220m vaccinated, COVID deaths down 90%

- Largest # of jobs created in 14 months

- Only major economy larger now than pre-COVID

- Fastest drop in unemployment on record

- Record diverse Cabinet, 1st Black woman on SCOTUS

- Largest infrastructure investment since Ike

President Biden’s handling of the Ukraine crisis has been the most successful American foreign policy intervention since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Thank you President Biden!!

And.....Thank you Mr. Howard and Dr. Vladtheimp for providing the impetus to counteract your skewed, salicylic screeds!

Dr. Vladtheimp

And to top it off, Joey planted some magic beans that grew into a mighty beanstalk which Joey climbed with help from Jill and found a bag of gold, and an enchanted goose that lays golden eggs which he gave to his People of Color, his Illegal Aliens and and his LGTBQ+-? supporters and they all lived happily ever after without work, without inflation, without arrests for lawbreaking, without borders, without war and without Hillary behind bars.

Are you going to believe 'Fairy' Tales or your own lying eyes?

Dr. Vladtheimp

Excellent analysis of the Bobbsey Twins of Bolshevik B.S. (joined by the rest of the Trib's Commie Team of Smith, Cramer, Newman, Obits and Idema).

We can be sure to see more of these screeds of disinformation, misinformation and propaganda since Twitter has been Eloned.

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