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Dr. Vladtheimp

Does Mother Earth Really Care If She Is Being Destroyed By the U.S. or China?

Poor young Brandon! When Dr. Pietrangelo points out that Brandon’s local examples of commitment to so-called Green Energy, Holland and Traverse City, rely mostly on natural gas and coal (fossil fuels) for their energy production, all Brandon’s only response is to call the good doctor ‘selfish’ and ‘misleading.’

Brandon must be re-living his schoolboy days and daily pantsings.

Brandon then attempts to make us feel sorry for the Chinese Communists, who choose to use their budgets for military incursions, slave labor, colonization, and forced sterilizations and abortions instead of ‘Green Energy.’ If they and Brandon really were concerned about the Chinese peasants they would call for the adoption of the most successful economic system in history for eliminating poverty – Capitalism - which gave us our infrastructure and standard of living.

The Brandons of the world can’t have it both ways – lecturing us that Global warming is an ‘Existential Threat’ to humanity that will kill all life in 10-20 years, and then arguing that China, India and the African continent can burn all the fossil fuels they want because. . . Humanity. This is simply the old game – Heads I Win, Tails You Lose.

Not playing your game, Buddy.


China is currently the largest polluter..your “all time” comment is misleading.

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