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Does it really matter who mandates it. Just get the shot. The life you save may be yours.

Dr. Vladtheimp

Yes, it really matters if a Federal official has any authority to mandate an American citizen undergo a medical procedure and, if so, the extent of such authority under the law.

It's our right as American citizens to determine whether the risks of a potential adverse reaction to the shot, our religious beliefs, our medical history and condition, our natural immunity from having the Chinese Flu, outweigh the potential benefits of the vaccine.

As much as some people and political parties wish differently, we're not living in China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela or any other country where the Government's power is greater than those of its citizens and health care is rationed out through a single-payer Government controlled system where mandates are the rule rather than the exception; we are Americans with inalienable rights protected by our Constitution.

Dr. Vladtheimp

Exemptions For Vaccines

Reader's Note: The Editor is speaking out of his nether region. Biden's mandate for federal employees is an Executive Order. Executive Orders only apply to agencies and employees of the Executive Branch. The Congress and its employees are Legislative Branch employees (employees of the Judiciary are Judicial Branch employees). This is a basic Separation of Powers tenet.

That said, it is hardly unusual for Biden and his handlers to attempt to overstep their authority which would be resolved by the Judiciary, and Pelosi and Schumer could decide to follow Biden's edict through their own directives to Legislative Branch agencies and employees.

It's also hardly unusual for the Democrat's media to attempt to cover for them.

Let's Go Brandon!

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