What comes next?

To the editor,

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So Stewart, you seem pretty worked up. So what comes next?

Dr. Vladtheimp

Democrat Language lesson:

Force and tear gas = defending the White House against violent Democrats with pepper spray and smoke canisters.

Pandemic = Chinese Virus

Demonstrations = Violent Democrats burning, looting, maiming, wounding and killing and ignoring Drs. Fauci and Birks virus warnings

Police State = Following the Constitution to protect lives and property

Rig an election = ensuring only eligible voters can vote through Voter I.D., following the Voting Rights Act requirements on Voting Rolls


This hogwash is Stage 4 TDS. I'd say get some help Stewart, but it's too late for that. It's terminal. You can tell that is the case when Stewart reverts to the Russia hoax at the end of this drivel.


Please note all the riots and damage are in Democrat controlled cities. It must be so easy to be a liberal and simplistically blame President Trump for everything.

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