A BLP boondoggle

To the editor,

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Kaminski, there are many ways out of this, mostly by known therapeutics like Ivermectin, Zinc and nebulized hydrogen peroxide just to name a few. Ivermectin in particular has over a 90% success rate in treating covid infection as well as preventing spread within households. With over 10,000 deaths (and counting) attributed to the experimental Covid vaccine, many individuals and medical professionals are opting out and utilizing the previously mentioned less invasive techniques. I personally know 4 people hospitalized after the shot (in addition to a dozen who haven't had the shot, so, yes, I take this seriously), 2 with Covid and subsequent pneumonia. The other two with heart issues. This is not something to be taken lightly. Every person needs to have their own health history evaluated to determine their individual risk and decide if the vaccine is right for them. This is what we do for all other medications. Why aren't we doing this for the Covid shot?

Dr. Vladtheimp


Richie “Fauci’ Kamische is, of course, free to ignore the fact that the ‘vaccines’ are experimental and have not received full approval of the FDA. He can ignore the science that shows they can severely impact children and young adults who are not at risk for a fatal outcome from the virus.

He apparently believes it’s o.k. to put the young at risk to protect those who for whatever reason refused to get vaccinated, notwithstanding Whitmer’s free rides and lotteries.

That said, he is not free to claim that “COVID has been devastating. Kids were robbed of important schooling, businesses were shuttered, jobs were lost, loved ones were separated, people died alone.”

businesses, employees and the elderly. FACT: COVID did not cause these impacts – Democrat politicians did. Whitmer, Cuomo, Newsome and their ilk seized power and issued edicts that should have been determined by our elected representatives.

Republican governors in Georgia, Iowa, South Dakota, Florida, Texas, (And many others) minimized the impacts on children, businesses, employees and the elderly. With regard to the latter, they did not place the sick in nursing homes and then hide the horrendous deaths that were the foreseeable result of their policies.

Dr. Vladtheimp

A GREEN ACTIVIST’S BOONDOGGLE The last time I read something by young Mr. Thomas in the Tribune he was identified as:

“Brendon Thomas is a member of the community organization called Grand Haven Energy, a West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC) partner.”

So he’s a Green Energy activist and readers should take that into consideration.

They should also note that Green Activists have been predicting the imminent end of civilization as we know it for decades without any noticeable effect except normal changes in the weather.

So, if you want to sell all your coal, oil, and natural gas stocks you or your 501k plans own on the basis of young Mr. Thomas’s prediction that fossil fuels in general and natural gas in particular will no longer be used to provide energy when green energy rules, feel free.

Before you do, you should know the latest (2021) publication of the U.S. Energy Information Agency shows that 79% of energy consumed in the U.S. was provided by reliable, dependable and efficient fossil fuels: Oil (35%), Natural Gas (34%), and Coal (10%). So-called renewables provided 12% but of those sources,

Wood burning provided more energy than solar!

It’s never a good idea to go full California, but as the Green activists know: There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute. . . .

Yea, Buddy

And, solar & wind jokes are subsidized with US taxpayer dollars....duh.

Yea, Buddy

Amen, Ernest.

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