The trip of Eternal Glory

To the editor,

About 2,000 years ago, a young couple made their way on foot from Nazareth to the small town of Bethlehem some 90 miles away. Back then, that trip took several days in the blistering heat and rugged terrain, made worse by the fact that the pregnant teenage girl was due.

Taking this grueling trip at this time would appear foolhardy, but they had to go because Rome decreed that everyone living in Roman territory had to return to their homeland to be counted and taxed. If this wasn’t enough, the couple had to submit to the harassment of Roman soldiers along the trail, plus face the real possibility of being robbed and beaten. But they finally reached their destination, only to find that the inns were already filled by other travelers, and they had to make do in a dark and smelly place where animals were kept.

And yet it was in this very place, as foretold in Scripture, that Jesus, the Son of God, would be born as man. He then became the greatest teacher of God’s will for man, and finally, as foretold, presented Himself as a living sacrifice through a torturous death upon a Roman cross. But He defeated death by rising from His tomb, so that complete forgiveness and eternal life with Him would be granted to all those who believe.

Now you have the opportunity to have a small taste of what Mary and Joseph experienced on that trail of hope, and arrive to that place where the Lord Jesus started His life as one of us. It’s called Journey 2 Bethlehem, now in its seventh year, staged in Duncan Woods on Dec. 12-14. Ticket information can be found at Make the trip. And be blessed forever.

John Stern

Spring Lake Township

What’s on your fork?

To the editor,

Medicare For All, or Medical Care For All? They sound similar, but there is a huge difference.

Everyone’s heard the proposals for Medicare For All, to the tune of $50 trillion. Universal access to free health care is appealing; however, the issues are complicated and the cost enormous. With or without Medicare For All, we must care for ourselves. Understand, your health is your responsibility, not your doctor's, so educate yourself and make wise decisions.

Hippocrates told us 2,400 years ago, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine, thy food." He was on to something, living to 85, when life expectancy was maybe 40.

Four main ingredients promote health and well-being: (1) Not smoking. (2) Work toward normal weight. Obesity is caused by choosing the wrong foods. Avoid fatty and sugary foods. (3) Work toward a whole food plant-based diet. Emphasize fruits, vegetables, beans, grains and nuts. An apple a day reduces risk of premature death by 35 percent. Limit meat, fish, eggs, dairy, cheese, processed foods, refined carbs, soda and sugary drinks. These foods increase the risk of all our killer diseases. Aim for 80-90 percent of your calories from plant-based foods. (4) Exercise 30 minutes five days a week; something you like or can tolerate long term. Inactivity is one of the surest predictors of unsuccessful aging.

Everything we put in our mouth works toward either health or disease. Our awesome bodies respond to how we treat them, whether for good or ill. Be a responsible steward of your body and our planet.

Don’t take my word for it. Check these resources. Book: "How Not To Die" by Dr. Michael Greger. Video: Websites for daily informative emails: and

Dr. Norm Boeve

Grand Haven Township 

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