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Richard you could also use the title of your letter for your biography....

Dr. Vladtheimp

Little Richard’s Latest Tutti Fruitti

You have to hand it to Democrats like Little Richard, who can tell us with a straight face that “Healthy democracies require diverse opinions” while wholeheartedly supporting Democrat Fascism that demands cancellation of any person who expresses an opinion contrary to theirs (see Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times. Fauci, and the Communist Columnists, for example)>

Then, of course, Little Richard doubles down on his lies, by claiming the mostly peaceful march on the Capitol (600+ arrested out of tens of thousands, mostly for trespassing) caused death – does he refer to the Capitol Cop who murdered a peaceful, unarmed female veteran?

To Little Richard, State bureaucrats usurping the authority of elected legislatures by unilaterally changing election laws to permit vote and ballot fraud are not facts, just like requiring photo I.D., signature verification, and access to election procedures are “undemocratic election laws.” Democrats change the definitions of words more often than their wadded panties.

Yes Little Richard, Republicans are the Party of Lincoln, continuing the struggle to free our Black brothers and sisters from the chains of Democrat control. The Democrats are the Party of another Lincoln – George Lincoln Rockwell.


All good and important points. Some believe that what we are experiencing currently in the GOP is the culmination of decades of the right wing work to undermine democracy and replace it with an oligarchy/authoritarianism/ fascism/white nationalism.

The facts speak for themselves. This current new generation of hard right extremists have established themselves as obstructionist, anti-democracy, anti-rule of law, and anti-Constitution in most all they do. They have succeeded in breaking the Senate and potentially the House - it they win in 2022 in states that have passed the most intensely gerrymandered maps since the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

If not were for the landslide Biden victory, the presidency would be lost with a 2nd Trump presidency. We are very close to losing the Constitutional Republic and the American democratic ideals we have worked so hard for in the last century.

This minority of Americans are composed of people thousands of whom gathered, not once but twice, in Texas, convinced that John F. Kennedy, Jr would reappear after being dead for 20 years, and stand next to Donald Trump to win the 2024 election.

This is a group of citizens who, being firmly anti-vaxx and anti-mask, are in the vast majority of patients in filled hospitals, suffering and dying, unable to work. By their very inaction, they are instrumental in keeping the pandemic of spreading in surge after surge, and in facilitating inflation and supply chain issues they are so quick to blame Biden for. They believe that an animal de-wormer will cure them of Covid infection before they will accept advice based on scientific medical research conducted by expert and experienced public health officials.

These misguided people support Christian Nationalism that would have the country adopt a state religion - their version of Christianity, uplifting power and control over others, while refraining from Jesus' teachings.

This is a cult-like political party that looks the other way when confronted with the rule of law, morality, civility, compromise, cooperation, good faith, science, and facts. Canada is looking awfully good these days!


Landslide Biden Victory...what election did you follow???


Another day, another fact free post from Lanivan. This post is nothing but your opinion and your opinion is not factual. It is the ramblings of a mentally ill person who is oblivious to reality. It's clearly evident that Trump has broken your brain and you are slipping further and further each day. I hear Canada has universal healthcare up there. Maybe you SHOULD go there and stop embarrassing yourself posting this malarkey, and also get some much needed help for your delusions. It would also help you avoid the mid-term elections next year when the Republicans take both the House and Senate and neuter Senile Joe (if he lasts that long or Kamala if he doesn't) for the rest of his inglorious term in office. He has been an absolute failure for America. Of course, for you to be embarrassed it would require you to first have some shame and we all know you don't have any. There ought to be some sort of comment screening that deters the type of misinformation you continually sow. I know reading this won't do any good and you'll just double down with your partisan crapola, because that's what you do. But, I sincerely hope you can get the help you desperately need and I will pray for you to make a full recovery from your affliction. Godspeed.


The Village Idiot speaks


As usual he Rot can’t handle the truth.


Neither Kamiscke nor you Mary would know what the truth is even if it hit you square in the forehead.


Maryal74 if you follow Kamischke you have no idea what the truth is. Thx for the laugh.

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