Women fighting for democracy

To the editor,

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Dr. Vladtheimp

Leftists Fighting Against Democracy – (There, I Fixed it)

Don’t be fooled by this letter.

Voting for this proposed Constitutional Amendment (not just a bill, like those currently pending in the Legislature) will overturn many laws democratically passed by the voters of Michigan.

Voting for this will overturn Michigan laws prohibiting:

Partial Birth Abortion

Use of Tax Dollars to fund abortions

It will also change the definition of fetal viability and gut the term as used in Roe v. Wade, while shredding the current standard of permitting abortion to save the life of the mother by substituting medically indicated (to not a licensed doctor but a health care professional) to protect the physical or mental health of the pregnant individual. They can’t bring themselves to say ‘mother’ or ‘woman’.

Leftists have spent over “1,600,000 to fool us, in addition to volunteers like the letter writer.

Whitmer, Nessel and Benson fighting for Democracy? They wouldn’t recognize Democracy if it slapped them in the butt.

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