Jan. 6 commission needed

To the editor,

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Ms. Obits: Right you are! Not only you and me, but millions of Americans want a January 6 Commission to investigate an armed mob attack on the Capital, the intention of which was the overthrow of the government and the murder of elected officials, unprecedented in American history.

The American flag, representing our democratic constitutional republic, was used as a weapon to beat, pummel, and injure police officers. Hundreds of police officers sustained serious injuries - the loss of fingers, an eye, broken bones, broken backs, wounds, heart attacks, strokes, and PTSD.

A commission must get to the root cause of this evil seditious insurrection because if there is no accountability or consequences to this insurrection or adherence to the rule of law, while it may have been the first time our constitutional republic was attacked in this manner, it will not be the last. Authoritarianism will prevail and pervert the future of our American democracy.


Right on Karen the other three can’t handle the truth.with people like Vlad and the poodle there goes our democracy.


Except we don't have a democracy in the USA, Mary. We are a Constitutional Republic. It was fashioned that way at the country's founding because the designers knew a pure democracy is mob rule. The smaller states wouldn't have signed up to be ruled by the larger ones. Skipped American History class, didn't you? Or are you just ignorant?


Well Maryal74...I see you are back to name calling and bullying..nothing new from you as usual.

Dr. Vladtheimp

I too am an anniversary-marker. I don’t mean birthdays or weddings. I mean red-letter dates associated with life events around which I mark passage of time and often reflect on where I was at that time, how I felt, how it changed me.

I vividly recall the events of November 3, 2020, the early hours of November 4 and the days following when the Democrats stole an election. Unlike the January 6 “coup” where the only person killed was an unarmed female peaceful protester (Ashley Babbitt – say her name) who was shot and killed by a still unidentified minority Federal police officer, there is ample evidence of ballot fraud that favored *, the husband of Edith.

So yes, I believe we need the same kind of communal processing of the events of November 3 and days following that we committed to after 9/11, including the appointment of an independent commission similar to the commission that led Congress to implement important safeguards against another attack like 9/11. This should not be a partisan issue. We all have a stake in the health of our Republic and we must not minimize the impact of our failure to have an honest and transparent transition of power in the 2020 election.


You are seeing a ghost that isn’t there

Yea, Buddy

As ;long as the left also investigates 2018 women's march occupying Senate Bld'g;; AOC's protest inside Pelosi's office leading to 51 arrests; Kavanaugh protesters storm the Supreme Court; 2020 BLM attempted siege of White House, many officers injured; 100 day Portland Federal Building siege; for starts. Sound fair?

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