Gastrointestinal missteps

To the editor,

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Gastrointestinal Emissions

More silly comments from a practitioner of the dark art of Trump Derangement Syndrome:

North Korea – Bill Clinton followed the advice of the Deep State “experts” to give in to the Nork’s blackmail and offered $4 billion worth of nuclear, energy, economic and diplomatic benefits in exchange for the halting of North Korea’s nuclear program in 1994. The deal also included two light-water nuclear reactors.

Obama responded to the Nork’s nuclear tests by talking tough – speak loudly and carry a little stick.

Iran – Obama and his Deep State “experts” gifted the Mullahs with sanctions relief, worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that in leaving the JCPOA and re-imposing sanctions, Trump cost the regime $200 billion. The Obama administration provided another source of income by unlocking escrow accounts when the deal was implemented in January 2016, flooding the regime with some $100 billion in previously frozen oil receipts. The most infamous payoff was the $1.7 billion in cash the administration shipped off to the IRGC on wooden pallets in exchange for U.S. citizens held hostage by the regime.

“Important Iranian” – Kamische should write headlines for the Washington Post (or the Babylon Bee) – Obama saved this most dangerous of terrorists butt by warning the Mullahs of Israel’s plan to take him out, and then granted him amnesty in the Iran deal, permitting him to continue to kill and maim American warfighters. President Trump killed him with a drone. Apparently Obama was following the advice of his Deep State “experts” (unless he was following his arugula-filled gut).

The “opinions” expressed in this letter to the editor are clearly uninformed an d the product of a part of the writer’s anatomy opposite to and lower than his gut.

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