Whose side is Huizenga on?

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Dr. Vladtheimp

Whose side is Biden on?

The many Karens among us never fail to disappoint – this one is no exception.

Karen blithely states that Sleepy Joe’s Build Back Better Socialist Dream has “policies that are broadly popular with the American people” knowing full well that the latest blockbuster ABC News-Ipsos Poll shows exactly the opposite.

Furthermore, as those of us who follow such things closely know (as verified by the ABC News Poll and Democrat Senator Manchin) any support for the so-called spending program is solely based on Democrat and its Media Arm propaganda machine because no one, especially Karen, knows what the program is.!

Why? Because the Democrats have neither reduced it to Legislative Language nor introduced it in the House. It has been carved down from over $3,000,000,000,000. (that’s 3 Trillion dollars that has to be paid for by taxpayers and will drive up inflation wildly) to roughly half with the Socialist ‘Squad” members fighting to preserve their favorite programs.

Like millionaire Pelosi said about Obamacare, Democrats have to pass it for us to see what we’re paying for.

Of course, the Karens and their media told us Critical Race Theory, Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, Phil Murphy in New Jersey, (and Hillary 5 years ago) are wildly popular – before reality set in.

Let’s Go Brandon!


Karen, Representative Huizinga is on the side of the vast majority of West Michigan residents who elected him. As a Democrat you should be elated your party controls all 3 branches of Government but you are nothing but bitter and unhappy but With how your party is handling things that’s understandable


Correction: Democrats control two branches. Republican appointees dominate the federal judiciary. A majority of the circuit courts have majority-Republican appointees. On the Supreme Court, six of the mine justices were named by Republican presidents.


The Presidency.the House and the Senate.


Also Justices are non partisan and don't make laws only interpret.

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