HR1 deserves attention

To the editor,

Since my letter to the editor urging readers to contact their legislators to support passage of HR1 (Feb. 26), it has passed the House and will now move on to the Senate.

My fellow Spring Laker Ms. Bronson urges us in a letter of her own to read HR1 in its entirety (March 2). I couldn't agree more with this advice. It's my own review of this legislation that prompts my efforts on behalf of its enactment into law.

I trust that any reader who wishes to make their own review of HR1 does not need me to use this space to contradict any of Ms. Bronson's more specific concerns. But please note that with respect to the constitutional rights afforded state legislatures in enacting election legislation, the impact of HR1 is to set a floor or baseline that ensures certain voting rights to all American citizens, regardless of their ZIP code.

It may also be helpful by way of context to know that HR1 was initially passed in the House back in January 2019, but then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to bring it to the floor of the Senate for a vote. So we have no idea if some of the issues that still fester about the 2020 election could actually have been avoided if HR1 had been brought to the Senate floor for a vote in 2019.

Surely legislation as central to our democracy as HR1 deserved an opportunity for consideration in 2019. It deserves our attention now. Again, I join my voice with that of Ms. Bronson in urging everyone who cares about the future of our democracy to educate themselves about HR1 and the explosion of election-related legislation under consideration in many states. Then make up your own mind about the direction you wish our democracy to take.

Karen Obits

Spring Lake

Share the good news

I am a criminal. For most of my life, I have broken every one of God’s laws in one way or another. I kept telling myself I’ll never do it again. But kept failing, time after time. It was impossible to avoid getting caught. Went before the judge and was found guilty. He was very harsh. Sentenced me not just to life, but to an eternity of torture, desolation and indescribable misery.

Miraculously, just before the judge struck his gavel, a man came forth and pleaded with the judge to allow him to take my place. Apparently, this man had great influence because the judge agreed. My surrogate, I call him my Savior, was sentenced to a severe whipping, followed by being nailed to a cross and hung up to die the most horrible death imaginable.

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The incredible gift He has given me He also offers to you. Just proclaim your belief and faith in Jesus, ask His forgiveness, turn from sin and make Him Lord of your life. He will give you a new and everlasting life, with Him.

Make this Easter the happiest ever. And share the good news with all those you know because Jesus loves them, as well.

John Stern

Spring Lake Township

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20 State Attorney Generals have said HR1 will be challenged on constitutional grounds as only the States have power over their elections. This bill allows more voting by mail, limits cleaning up voter lists and preregistration for 16 and 17 year olds. It’s also interesting what isn’t in the bill, no limits on Union influence. This bill is a political power grab by Democrats.


You might be interested in knowing that many, if not most, of the main points and directives within HR1 have been in effect in many states for years with no issues whatsoever.

I bet those same state AG's are the same seditionists who tried to coerce the Supreme Court to nullify the votes of 81 million American voters and steal the election from Biden - and failed miserably.

Amusing how Republicans rely heavily on legislating controversial bills that are unconstitutional and get repeatedly rejected in federal courts, hoping something will stick, while claiming a bill that allows for easier, more efficient, safer and fairer voting for all Americans citizens, and strengthening the very foundation of our democracy - the right to vote - is unconstitutional.

They want to make it much, much harder to vote, not easier, while canceling out as many Democrat voters as possible.


More ranting with no facts...go watch netflix

Yea, Buddy

H.R. 1 is a power grab of Nancy Pelosi, and certainly a true disaster for America. Let non-citizens vote? You serious?? No voter ID? 1-day election with proof of citizenship and voter ID is true democracy to preserve election INTEGRITY.


"Let non-citizens vote?" FALSE.

Yea, Buddy

Just went & read the Bill summary; I was right!


Get some rest

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