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Why doesn’t Klinger go teach in Detroit and go make a difference???

Dr. Vladtheimp


Klinger has emerged from MASH, now apparently in the form of a local Social Studies teacher, to lecture us benighted rubes that we can’t possibly understand “Equity.” Like all Leftists, they twist the meaning of language to suit their purposes – in this case, Socialism and income redistribution: remember when ‘Gay’ meant happy and killing babies was murder and not ‘Pro-Choice’?

We have spent trillions on equal opportunity – what does Klinger think EEO and Affirmative Action (which have been programs preceding Nixon) are about – providing equal access to and a shot at preferred outcomes. Precisely because they have not achieved equal outcomes, which is what Socialists want, they now have to twist the language and hide the fact that they want government to force equal outcomes. Putin and Chairman XI fully understand and support the effort..

As far as funding for schools, Klinger has produced a Klunker – in other words, he’s trying to play us. While crying about the lack of money for Detroit and playing both the Race and Envy cards, he ignores the obvious truths:

1. Local communities differ in many ways, including how they value and support schools and education. Fortunately (?) for communities who don’t support schools as much as others, OUR Federal tax dollars subsidize those locals. That $8,142 figure for Detroit doesn’t count other funding Detroit gets which totals $17,379 (more than the Statewide average)!

Detroit’s district received $5,036 per pupil in federal support in 2019-20. That’s far more than the $171 per pupil received by the school district in the affluent Grosse Pointe communities. Does that sound equitable?

2. Does anyone really think that throwing more money at Detroit will magically cure the ills of its school system and its students?

Klinger gets an “A” for gaslighting and an “F” for thruthfulness, and as a former inner-city Title I teacher in a school that had no playground or equipment, cafeteria or gym, my grade is overly equitable.

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