‘Uncut Gems’ promotes racism

To the editor.

As a family group, we just celebrated 15 years of a continuum of events for New Year’s Eve celebrations by going to dinner prior to watching the ball drop on TV in NYC and then going to a movie on New Year’s Day. So, the dilemma is finding a movie that everyone would like to see. The Rotten Tomatoes review usually takes a grip and there were two this season which narrowed the narrative down: “Little Women” at 95 percent rotten tomatoes and “Uncut Gems” at 92 percent rotten tomatoes. A coin needed to be tossed. “Uncut Gems” was the winner! In fact, Adam Sandler was up there as possibly being nominated with a best actor award. Adam Sandler? Well, we were all surprised by the script, the acting, the violence, the immorality and the racist renderings of infractions.

We sat through the movie in row F. All six of us were very disappointed and disturbed by the incessant violence and vocabulary. I realized how the anti-Semitism this movie projected to a population who may have never experienced Jewish friendship or worship in any community. Martin Scorsese, director, portrayed all that is negative about the laundering of jewelry via usury. Maybe some would be entertained, we were not.

I think you understand the picture presented in this editorial and how detrimental this movie is most assuredly is and not a positive element of education, especially in today’s society. I felt this was propaganda promoting racism, especially anti-Semitism. Remember “Schindler’s List” (1993)? “Schindler’s List” is highly recommended today, if one has not seen it, directed by Steven Spielberg, and this was out there and seen in high schools when my kids were in high school.

Karen Wheat

Grand Haven

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Tim O'Connell

You do realize that Marty was not the director of this move ? That Adam is Jewish , that this was

not promoted as the typical sophomoric Adam Sandler Movie as he had nothing do with its developers , that Rotten Tomatoes rating has nothing to do with the nature or tone of any movie and should not be used for determine suitability and last but not least

the diamond district in NYC can be unsavory . I would leave future reviews to someone better

qualified , at least the negative ones .


Adam Sandler is Jewish.....

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