Legal rights or moral imperatives?

To the editor,

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Yes, Richard sadly you have missed a lot of things and are wasting your final years miserable

Dr. Vladtheimp

Little Richard is back to preach to us from his pulpit – the editorial page of the Tribune.

Mandates Usurp Moral Decisions

As usual, from his Leftist viewpoint, he seeks to misrepresent a number of issues – especially that everyone who refuses to get the jab is an “Anti-vaxxer” and failing a “moral obligation”.

Does anyone but a committed Leftist really believe that a person who refuses the jab based on: medical advice from their doctor; has recovered from Covid with natural immunity; a reasonable calculation following the science that the risks of the vaccine outweigh the benefits due to their age or the age of their children or the state of their health; a deeply held religious objection – is an Anti-vaxxer or immoral?

Little Richard seems to preach that the decision to get the jab is rightly a moral rather than a legal issue, but ignores that Democrats have usurped the individual’s right to make moral decisions through their mandates (which have actually reduced the rate of vaccinations nationwide).

Don’t have the shot? – Lose your job. Lose your ability to travel by air. Lose your ability to attend school, from pre-school to college. Etc.

For Leftist Autocrats, when you have access to a hammer everything (including fellow citizens) is a nail.

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