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I think the guys who robbed the t Mobile where actually looking for The Momentum Center...


Stewart you are really sick...so sad get some conseling

Dr. Vladtheimp


I’m distressed to read that a person would suggest that the news be suppressed to hide the race of violent felons who invaded our community. I suppose police dispatchers should alert officers to be on the lookout for 5 individuals who robbed a local business with a gun, leaving out the ages and race of the violent felons.

And how dare the Director of Public Safety describe 5 criminals who robbed a store and its customers at gunpoint at 3:00 in the afternoon on the main highway in town ‘brazen and violent’? (At least he didn’t say the customers were ‘stranded’.

I’m distressed that these 5 aspiring brain surgeons passed the FBI background check to buy firearms, unless, of course . . . .

What a concept – The Democrat Theory of Critical Race Ostrich Journalism!


I share Ms. Newman's distress at the headline choice and prefer her suggested alternative.

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