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Yes, Phil, January 6 was indeed a day that will live in infamy.

Because a coup attempt occurred, five people died, more than 140 police officers were injured, for the first time in American history we did not have a peaceful transfer of power, and the backlash with the leadership and rank and file of the GOP was shockingly minimal.

Polls tell us that the belief in the Big Lie and that the election was "stolen" from Trump has become even more solidified among most Republicans, and is the basis and justification for dozens of legislative attacks on American free and fair elections.

Just as 9/11 and December 7 are recognized as attempts to subvert our American democracy and divide and destroy the country, so is the insurrection and attempted coup to overthrow the election, and the government. It isn't a stretch to see this as a potentially greater and more insidious threat to the Union.


To compare a bunch of idiots who belong in jail who stormed the US Capital and wandered around to those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor and the 9-11 terrorist attacks is both insensitive and insulting...but coming from these 2 who never have a good word to say no will be surprised..the failed Attorney and the failed business owner who has to cut her husbands hair.


You still must be exhausted.


Leslie you are right on turning down the volume unfortunately you are part of the problem

And Phil, I think everyone agrees the protest at the Capital and break in require that all be prosecuted who were there and involved. But turning into a Political witch hunt and comparing it to those other significant days in history..outs you as just another left wing political hack. If only your party could accomplish something other than blaming Trump and creating inflation in your first year...

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