The challenge for democracy

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Excellent summary of the right-wing radical new generation of Michigan Republican's response to democracy and fair, safe, and secure elections. The 2020 elections have been declared the most fair, safe, and secure elections in US history by election officials from the federal government all the way down to local levels (including the FBI) after exhaustive investigations, mostly by Republican lawmakers.

These officeholders are acting based on propaganda right out of the authoritarian/fascist playbook: Claim repeatedly that an election that didn't produce the results they wanted was "stolen" and "fraudulent"......even when all exhaustive investigations show NO evidence of measurable fraud!

These Michigan "Republican" legislators top priority is not the Michigan economy, Michigan education, or the health and welfare of Michigan taxpaying citizens or it's children. No - their top priority is to rearrange state election laws so that Republicans do not lose power even if they lose the vote.

Just recently, in 2018, Michigan voters overwhelmingly voted for voting laws that make it easier for registered voters to vote. Same-day voter registration, no-reason absentee voting and more sweeping changes to Michigan's election law was approved by voters by a better than two-to-one margin. The tally was 2,724,234 yes to 1,353,653 no, a margin of 66.8 percent to 33.2 percent.

The Promote the Vote question — Proposal 3 on the ballot — brought Michigan in line with at least 17 other states when it comes to same-day voter registration.

Their justification for trashing the will of Michigan voters is based on the Trumpian rally cry of fraud regarding the 2020 election. However, look at the hoops the state has jumped through to address that claim.

"Records from that election have been tabulated. And have been canvas tabulated; canvassed and certified by the County Board of Canvassers; canvassed and certified by the State Board of Canvassers; audited by the county clerk; risk-limited audited by the state. In Ingham County, results were audited again by the State Office of Auditor General. So, we had to audit the audit to audit our audit audit.”

The results have not changed, despite former President Trump’s best efforts to sow the seeds of doubt began in August 2020 when he claimed the only way that he could lose the 2020 election was if it was rigged. Throughout the election, he attacked election administrators and promoted lies on social media, going so far as to promote illegal voting."

Yes....then-president Trump actually publicly encouraged his followers to "vote twice" (for him, of course).

Let's cut to the chase. This new generation of Michigan Republican legislators are not interested in democracy, fair, safe, and secure elections, or in supporting the right for all registered Michigan citizens to vote - the cornerstone of American values. They are only interested in marginalizing the voting public so that it is more difficult, more intimidating, and more threatening to place a vote in the ballot box so that they can rig elections in their favor.

Because it is a cornerstone of the right wing playbook - The fewer people vote, the better the chances of their winning......and holding onto power.

Dr. Vladtheimp

Truth – The Challenge For Stewie The petition promoted by Secure MI Vote calls for 3 simple, rational amendments to existing law:

1) Require individuals to provide photo identification before casting a ballot;

2) Require Michigan to provide free photo identification to anyone who wants to vote but lacks photo-ID;

3) Prohibits special interest groups from funding or directing the conduct of Michigan elections.

This is the actual language of the Petition:

Initiation of legislation amending the Michigan Election Law, 1954 PA 116, MCL 168.495, 523, 759, 759a, 759b, 761, 761b, 764b, 813, and adding 168.523b, 760a, 946, to: require partial social security number for voter registration; require photo ID for in-person voters; require driver’s license, state-ID, partial social security number or photo ID on absentee ballot application; require voters who don’t provide this ID to present ID in person within 6 days after election to have their vote counted; provide state-funded IDs to applicants with hardships; specify minimum times clerks must accept absentee ballots for in-person or dropbox delivery; prohibit officials from making absentee ballot applications available except upon voter request; prohibit donations to fund elections. Secure MI Vote – Require ID!

Stewie apparently has the mental acuity of Joe Biden – apparently he believes Democrats held a ballot initiative before they unconstitutionally changed voting laws shortly before the 2020 election, including sending ballot applications to all voters instead of upon application and eliminating signature verification requirements. They didn’t – they didn’t even attempt to get signatures on a petition! Some democratic practice, Stewie.

By falsely attacking the petition through lies, Stewie, the Adam Schiff of Grand Haven, joins other foes of election integrity – Bill Gates and the social media billionaires, ANTIFA, the Squad and Stacy Abrams as a supporter of voter fraud and manipulating elections.


Little StewartaQ do you want to ver get tired of publishing lies and misinformation

Yea, Buddy

One (1) day to vote. In person only. Proof of ID and citizen ship required. Period.

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